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   Chapter 615 Conflict And Destruction (Part Three)

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"She's with Spark now. They are in a car together and they've driven off," he informed in a blank voice.

"They're gone? Where are they going?" the other voice on the phone asked.

"I don't know yet. Either way, I called to tell you so you can change your plan accordingly. After all, who would want their wife to be seen spending the day with another man? Doesn't matter if he loves her or not, he'd rather kill her than embarrass himself like that," he said shrewdly. There was a cunning look in his eyes.

"How can you be so sure?" the voice asked sarcastically.

He snorted in response. "Don't forget your promise, I'll be waiting for my money today,"

Then he hung up the phone without waiting for a response. Meanwhile, Hannah was still holding her phone against her ear, her eyes glinting.

"You look happy, what was that call about?" Jennifer said when she saw her absorbing in her own revery. Then her eyes dilated as if she just realized something, "Looks like you just found a way to win Brian back," she suggested.

Hannah shrugged, "It's not that, it's just..." she trailed off, suddenly realizing that she didn't want to tell anyone her plans until she was sure about it. She grinned sheepishly at Jennifer and said, "Just let it go. So, how are things between you and Mayor Gu?" Jennifer averted Hannah's gaze. She looked out and just in time, caught sight of Edgar standing in the corridor talking to a few staffs in a serious face.

Jennifer turned and walked towards Edgar. A wave of mixed emotions surged over when she saw him, "What's mine is mine and it will always be like that. No one can steal anything away from me," she mumbled to herself.


The Central Gallery.

Lucy had been very busy that day. She had been touring visitors around and telling them about her work. She was pleasantly surprised to find that more people had come than she had expected and to add to that, she was able to sell a couple of paintings at a more expensive price than she had originally planned. Even Brian, who couldn't be there, had sent Tony over to buy something as a way of supporting her. There were still two days left of her exhibition and Lucy was hoping they'd both turn out as smoothly as this one.

John and Lisa were beaming with pride as they watched the gallery buzz with so many people. They had waited for this day forever. Today w

with the assistant.

The assistant led her to the exhibition room and stretched out her arm to point towards her painting of the tall and thin girl dressed in a long, black dress that was standing under a willow tree. Her head was lightly lifted up towards the tree as if she was praying or yearning for something. All of the things in the painting, whether the green, vivid grass and the willow twigs, or her soft hair, or the lace at her dress, they were all painted in a way as if they were dancing along with the wind. "The client is right over there," the assistant said.

Lucy looked towards where the assistant was pointing. Her eyes fell on a man who was standing in front of the painting, examining it. He was wearing a light blue shirt and sleek black pants. His hair was black and tidily combed back. Even though Lucy couldn't see his face, she could already feel his authoritative demeanor.

Lucy smiled at the assistant and motioned to tell her that she could leave now. Then she walked up towards the man and stood beside him. "I'd be flattered if you thought that this exhibition made your trip worth the travel. Would you like to buy this painting sir?" she asked politely.

"I do," the man said without looking at her.

"Then, I'd assume you want to name this painting," she said, smiling.

"Conquest," he said without hesitation. Then he turned to Lucy and looked closely in her eyes. She knew it was Jeff from the start but she didn't expect him to come. "You think that name fits the painting?" he said, lifting his eyebrows and his eyes flickering.

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