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   Chapter 614 Conflict And Destruction (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7721

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Manny sighed, "I went to the concert with him just this morning. I went out for a few minutes and when I got back, he was gone. I don't know where he went but he told me over the phone that he would be here. But it's been half an hour since his check-up and he's not even answering his phone." Manny sounded exasperated.

Harrow knitted his eyebrows and took out his phone to try and reach Spark too. But as expected, his call was only transferred to voice mail too.

Manny just watched him with a disgruntled look on his face. Harrow sighed in helplessness too. "Did something happen during the concert this morning?" he asked.

"Nothing in particular," Manny said. Manny furrowed his brows as he thought for a moment, "I mean, you know what's happening now, right? Spark promised Brian before that he would play with Wing. But with what he's going through right now, it seems like he won't be able to do it. So I thought it might be better if he just joined another troupe instead of you know, hanging around Wing and being reminded of Molly. The Sasha Music Troupe leader was there at the concert this morning so I thought I would talk to him, you know? So I left Spark for a few seconds." He kept anxiously looking at the elevator as he spoke.

He was shrouded with tension because he had worked with Spark for so many years now and he knew Spark better than anyone. He knew for a fact that Spark hadn't touched his violin ever since Molly came to see him that day in the hospital. Even if he had to play for someone, he never completed a whole piece. Every time he ended up with either a broken string or he just stopped playing himself. They also knew that it wasn't just because of his pneumonia. It had more to do with his depression.

Harrow sat wordlessly for a while then he looked up at the clock, "I'll go out and try to look for him. Can you wait here and call me if you see him or hear from him?" he suggested.

"Okay," Manny nodded.

Harrow just drove his car aimlessly along the streets of A City. He didn't know where to start looking for Spark. He was just secretly hoping that he would bump into him. Somehow, he crossed his fingers that Spark would just be wandering on the streets expecting to bump into Molly. He continued to drive around the busy city. He would have asked Mol

Troupe?" he asked in a tone that said he had already known the answer.

"How did you know?" Molly asked, surprised.

Spark smiled lightly, "I was there with Manny this morning and I chanced upon your resume," he paused for a moment then said, "Were you hired?"

Molly nodded excitedly, her eyes shining and a smile appearing on her face, "Of course. I'm good at what I do. I will be reporting for my work tomorrow," she said joyfully.

"That's so good to hear. I always believed you," Spark said, smiling back at her. Even though Molly looked happy, he felt a bit suspicious because he knew that Molly had the tendency to hide what she was feeling. He didn't push it though. Instead, he just decided to keep the tone casual. "I think you're doing the right thing. I think it's better to keep your hands busy than do nothing all day. What are your plans for today?" he asked innocently.

Molly smiled awkwardly, "Actually, I don't have any plans for today," a glint beaming in her eyes as she spoke.

Deep down inside Spark, Brian's words that day at the hospital still rung through his head as clear as day yet he chose to ignore it. "I'm free too, actually. Maybe, we can hang out somewhere," he offered. He started his car and started to drive out of the South Street Ally with Molly in the passenger seat.

As soon as they drove off, a man appeared from behind the flower bed. His eyes were fixed on the car as it vanished into the distance. A sly smile slowly appeared on his face as he took out his phone and dialed.

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