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   Chapter 613 Conflict And Destruction (Part One)

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If you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done.

Molly arrived at the bus station.

The station was extremely crowded because it was noon time. Molly wasn't planning on going anywhere specific. She just followed a crowd of people moving to get on a bus. She didn't even see the bus number or the plate number. The bus was completely jammed inside. People were squeezing to get in the bus. And because Molly was rather short and thin, she couldn't resist the people violently pushing and jostling her from all directions. She was passed back and forth around the bus as people moved to get a more comfortable spot. Finally, she got a hold of the bar at the exit door and she decided to stay there.

Since it was summer, the windows of the bus were closed for the air conditioner. The lack of fresh air made the bus stink of sweat, breath, and cheap perfume. Molly found it difficult to breathe. It made her look back to her past where she had to take the bus everyday. Maybe, she had just already grown so accustomed to living quite a luxurious life that she forgot how difficult and frankly, disgusting it was to commute on a daily basis. 'Wow, I'm so privileged now, ' Molly frowned slightly.

The bus steadily hummed along the road crowded with vehicles. As they went further, soon the trees turned into skyscrapers. More and more people were getting both on and off the bus now. Molly realized that she knew none of these people - and that there was a chance that she would never see these people again. She pondered about how this was true for all the people we met or we would meet in our lives - they'll all leave one day and by the end of it, you'll end up alone.

"South Street Alley station! Passengers, get off at the back door, please!" the bus conductor announced.

The name drew Molly's attention. She raised her head and looked out of the window. The bus was now halted and people were getting off and she followed. She couldn't remember the last time she was here - probably a long time ago. But still, everything seemed familiar - as if nothing had changed. This made Molly smile - she always did love nostalgia.

She walked towards the gate of the street and looked ahead. It was still the same as she had remembered - people sauntering around, v

he got severe pneumonia which made him weaker and fragile than ever. He insisted on getting out of the hospital after the treatment so now he needed to visit the doctor again for a check-up. Harrow just knew that he had to see Spark again before he left because he was way too worried about him.

At the hospital.

Manny kept checking his watch and pacing along the hospital corridor. He was absolutely tensed. He kept looking at the elevator anxiously. It was time for Spark's check-up now but Spark was still nowhere to be found. Manny didn't know if he was upset or angry. He took his phone out and tried Spark's phone again.

"The number you have dialed is not yet in service. Please leave a message after the beep." Manny had already heard this for the hundredth time - Spark wasn't answering.

Manny didn't have a choice anymore but to leave a message instead, "Spark, where the hell are you? You're late for your check-up!" he said, panicked. He sighed as he put away his phone. After a moment, his eyes lit up after seeing a man walking down the corridor. He couldn't see his face properly because of the sunlight but he could only assume based on the figure and the pace that it was Spark. He felt relieved but only for a short while because as the man drew closer, he realized that he was mistaken.

He saw that it was just Harrow after all. "Where's Spark?" Harrow asked. Based on the look on Manny's face, Harrow had a pretty good guess on what was happening here. He looked around and indeed, only Manny was here.

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