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   Chapter 612 Getting A Job (Part Three)

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Brian quietly walked in the room with the sound of his footsteps muffled by the thick carpet. He stood by the bed Molly was sleeping in and gazed at her face in the dim light by the wall lamp. He leaned over to smooth over her knitted brows. He smiled at this bitterly and sat next to her just staring at her face. He was so near her yet their hearts were so distanced from one another.

Brian didn't know how long he stayed there but he eventually left. Before he did, he saw a bunch of newspapers on the bedside table with red marks scribbled all over. He was smiling as he walked out of the room.

The sun rose to welcome the morning.

Molly got up very early in order to look for a job. She quickly washed her face and brushed her teeth, and changed her clothes. She stuffed the newspapers in her bag and went downstairs. When she passed the dining room, she was surprised to see Brian was having breakfast there but she ignored him and just continued walking glancing only slightly.

"Don't you have manners?" Brian said coldly.

Molly paused, took a deep breath, and turned her head, "I have to go get a job so I'm not having breakfast here. Enjoy, though," she said simply. Then she turned around and left.

At that moment, Lisa was just coming out of the kitchen with a plate of steamed buns in hand. She saw the whole thing happen. She slowly placed the plate on the dining table and avoided Brian's gaze, sighing all the while.

"You don't have to cook so much," Brian said flatly, "Lucy must be expecting you and John to go there earlier. You can let John drive you."

"Okay," Lucy didn't see herself as an outsider in this villa at that moment. She knew Brian too well.

Brian finished eating, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and left. As Tony drove by, he passed by Molly who seemed to be in a hurry. The villa was in a secluded, private road that taxis didn't pass through.

"Mr. Brian, aren't we going to offer Mrs. Molly Long a ride?" Tony offered.

Brian felt his heart twist at the sight of Molly walking along the road in a haste, "Let her be," he said coldly.

The car pa

snacks here!"

"Okay!" Ximena answered excitedly but her face looked the opposite. She was standing in front of the window and looking out as Aaron and Vivi were having coffee on the patio, talking and laughing. Molly sensed she wasn't listening already so she just said, confused, "Well, um, it's okay."

"Hmm," Molly said, "Ximena, I'll be strong and hold on. You should too."

Despite the hurt Ximena was feeling, she said with a light smile, "Don't worry, I've never given up."

They said goodbye and hung up the phone. Standing under the clear, blue sky; Molly stretched her arms, closed her eyes, and took deep breaths as she relished the sunlight. She thought, 'I've lost to Brian, so what? I am who I am, I'm Molly Xia, and I will survive anything life throws at me. Without you, I'd still be happy no matter what it costs.'

She opened her eyes squinting at the sunlight. She looked at the street where people were hustling and bustling. Her heart might have been imprisoned but her mind wasn't. 'One day, I'll get what I want on my own without anyone's help, one day!' she promised herself.

With a hopeful smile pasted on her face, she started to walk without no clear destination in mind—she was going to spend the rest of her day however she wanted to.

A figure walked out from behind a flower bed. With a cruel and gloomy smile, the person followed Molly into the crowd.


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