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   Chapter 611 Getting A Job (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6186

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She pressed her lips, swallowed one big gulp, and took a deep breath again. She told herself that three days was enough to mope around - it had to end now. Mark and Shirley were trying their best to be strong while fighting against the disease so she should be doing the same.

She took one last deep breath, stood up, and then headed to the bathroom.

At that moment, the door of the villa flew open. Brian walked inside, hands shoved in his pants, followed by Tony.

"Mr. Brian!" Lisa greeted. She was just finishing up with cleaning the kitchen. "Should I cook dinner for you?" she asked.

Brian stopped in his tracks and lifted his head as if he was looking upstairs. Lisa followed his gaze and said, "Mrs. Molly Long hasn't had dinner. She's actually lost a lot of weight over the past few days." She said this in an attempt to make Brian sympathize with Molly seeing that he was already peeved.

A trace of pity flashed across his eyes but Brian said coldly, "She won't starve to death by missing one or two meals. She isn't stupid. Does she have to be dragged out just so she would put something in her mouth?" Without missing a beat, Brian headed directly upstairs.


"You can rest now," Brian interrupted Lisa. After taking only a few steps, he stopped and turned his head slightly, "Doesn't Lucy's art exhibition open tomorrow?"

Lisa suppressed the feeling of hopelessness in her heart and said with a smile, "Yes, it does. Tomorrow at Central Gallery." She didn't agree with what Lucy was planning but she was her daughter after all and this would be her first large-scale exhibition. Lisa also hoped that Brian would come.

"Hmm," Brian said then simply turned back around and went up stairs. Before heading to his study, he glanced at the door of Mark's bedroom which was closed. He lingered for a while before ent


"How's everything there?" Brian asked flatly.

"Everything's going as planned. Mr. Eric's taken further action too."

"Hmm," Brian's eyes were dark, "Just keep tabs on the economy there but if you're too busy, I can send Harrow there too."

"That's what I'm doing, yes," Vincent said plainly. He took it as a compliment that he had the same idea as Brian did.

A faint smile played on Brian's lips. It was barely visible but that was all the validation that Vincent needed. He knew Vincent was a large-scale man—you would not see his full ability if he was just playing in the minor leagues, he needed to be at the major leagues with the big guys. When they ended the video call, Brian lit a cigarette. He had been smoking more frequently nowadays. It was his way of dealing with all of the stress.

An hour had passed and Brian was still sitting in his chair, smoking. He had gone through eight sticks and the study was fogged up from smoke.

When Brian saw that it was already three in the morning, he put his cigarette off hastily and stood up. He planned to shower first before he went to sleep. But as he walked along the corridor - something about Mark's room drew him in because he knew Molly was there.

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