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   Chapter 610 Getting A Job (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6318

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I'm good but not as good as an angel and I'm bad but not as bad as a devil. I am who I am and no else is like me.


In Mpumalanga, South Africa.

"Grandma, I miss mommy and Papa Brian..." Mark said softly, weakly looking at Shirley, who was blowing on the porridge to cool it down for him.

Shirley paused slightly then said with a smile, "Mark, you're sick and your mommy and papa Brian are busy right now and they need someone to take care of you. Don't you like staying with grandpa and grandma?"

Mark paused then he asked, "Do they not like me anymore because I'm sick?"

"No, no, how could that be?" Shirley said hastily. She put down the porridge and delicately stroked Mark's face with her hand. She felt her heart ache as she looked at his sweet face. In the past few days, Mark had lost a lot of weight because of the operation. Shirley could not help but feel sorry for him. She said, "Mark, you must believe that nobody loves you more than your mommy and Papa Brian. You know what? No one else wants to see you grow happy and healthy like they do. Whatever they're doing now, they're doing it for you. So trust grandma, okay, Mark?"

Mark pressed his mouth together as he stared at Shirley then nodded. He said, "Okay, I understand. I'm going to grow up healthy and happy and I'll protect mommy and papa Brian."

Shirley smiled and softly pinched Mark's nose with her fingers, "What about grandma and grandpa?"

"Of course, I will!" Mark said with a smile—he was so pale because he was still recovering.

Shirley didn't leave until he finished eating, after which, he took a nap. Shirley sat by his bedside for a while—he looked so feeble. She couldn't help but sigh. Even the strongest and toughest man would be emotional from being sick and being taken care of by the people he loves the most let alone a kid. When Mark was taken here, he was unconscious. S

e an enemy, they can't hurt you."

At that time, Molly had wondered if Brian was part of that organization. But she hadn't asked him anymore. When she decided to be with this man, she had to accept everything about him. Even if he was, let's say, part of this underground organization, what did it matter? He was still Brian, her son's father and her husband. But now...

As these thoughts ran through her mind, Molly lowered her hand on which the ring was worn. She made her way to Mark's bedroom. She entered the room and sat down by the bedside, then she raised her right hand again. The blue diamond glimmered ever so slightly under the light of the wall lamps. She stroked the diamond lightly. She had the urge to throw it out but she knew she would miss the feeling of it around her finger when it was put on for the first time by him.

She took the ring off and held it between her fingers. Her vision started to blur with the tears welling up in her eyes until she couldn't see the blue light of the stone clearly. She just kept staring at the ring for who knows long—she had already lost track of time. She took a deep breath and wiped off her tears. She opened the drawer at the bedside table and tossed the ring inside before slamming it shut.

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