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   Chapter 609 No Right Or Wrong In Love (Part Two)

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She looked at her left arm again, making her quiver with fear and rage. She didn't know what to believe - if Brian was just bluffing her or if he really was just teaching Molly a lesson. But it was a toxic drug. How could he have the heart to do that to her?

Molly shrank to the ground and started sobbing. 'How can he do this to me? How?' she asked in her mind again and again.


At the Central Gallery.

Lucy was currently at the pinnacle of her career as a modernist artist. Her creativity earned her media attention and a couple of loyal followers. This was going to be her first ever large exhibition that wasn't sponsored by Brian.

"Sorry, the gallery isn't open yet," Eve, Lucy's assistant, said. Then she realized that the door was closed. "How did you get in?" she hastily asked.

Lucy turned around to find a man leaning against the door. He was looking at her - his hair was curly and he was wearing a track suit. "Let him in, Eve. He's a friend of mine," Lucy said with a smile.

"Okay," Eve answered and continued working.

Lucy walked over and surveyed him up and down before curling her brows and quipping "Wow, bold of you to show up here. Aren't you scared they might see you?"

"Why would I be scared?" the man giggled, "Even you're not scared."

Lucy shrugged and invited him into her make-shift office. "Coffee?" Lucy offered.

"I'll have whatever you're having," the man said. He hugged Lucy from behind and started rubbing his nose against her neck. Lucy was wearing a dress that dropped down to her shoulders, exposing her neck and making it easy for the man. He buried his head in her body taking in her fragrance - he was frankly turned on by her chest that was slightly exposed.

"Stop it. We're at the gallery," Lucy struggled. The man let go of her, turned her around, an


"We'll make it either way," Jeff said, "We've been planning for this for years. We won't fail. Nothing will go wrong."

Lucy nodded, still worried even as she watched Jeff leave.

The moment Jeff stepped out of the gallery, he followed the path near the warehouse and climbed over the wall and got in the car that was driving by. The whole while he was cautiously watching his surroundings to see if anyone was around.

"Master," Forrest said, "Your father asked you to call him back."

"Okay," Jeff said as he dialed his father's number. When his father answered, Jeff informed him of what Lucy had just told him.

"Let's see how things will unfold in the villa before making our next move," the voice was sure and strong, "Are you in love with Lucy?"

He had suspected this for the longest time.

Jeff curled his lips and answered coldly, "I'm just using her."

"Good. Keep everything under control."

Then they hung up. The car was still speeding through the highway. Jeff looked out of the window where the streets were lined with blooming locust trees. The white flowers were beautiful at this time of the year.

'This time, failure is not an option.' Jeff determined deep down.

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