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   Chapter 606 The Misunderstandings (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5993

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"So what happened?" the man asked.

The waitress quickly ran over through everything that happened and the man frowned, "How did you hear them talking?"

"I put this on Becky's shirt," the waitress said as she pulled out a tiny black thing about the size of half a fingernail from her pocket. The man recognized it at once - it was a micro-recorder and listener and was designed to be undetectable.

"So, that means Molly isn't useful to us," the man frowned again and murmured, "I just heard news that Addison was sent abroad for treatment and now we find that Molly is of no use after all? So what's the plan? Do we stop now or what?"

The waitress didn't agree, so she said, "Young Master, I think we can still try whether or not Brian loves Molly," she explained further when she saw the man shaking his head, "Anyway, as long as it doesn't affect the overall plan, we shouldn't have a problem. If Brian's just pretending that he loves Molly then it would just be a waste of energy at most but what if he really does love Molly?"

"But this is a crucial time," the man said, "I think we'd just better report it to my father."

The waitress just shrugged, "I'm going back."

The man nodded and watched as the waitress walk back all the way to the back door. Then he threw out his cigarette and put it out with his foot and left. As he walked, he lowered his head slightly thinking about the past few days. Earlier at the QY Island, everyone had been suspicious of how much Brian cared for Molly. A person like Brian would never show anything like that in public. But if it really was just a game like what he heard at the hospital that morning then it would make a lot more sense. Of course, there was also the possibility that it was all just for pretense.

The man's phone

eone to tell her that everything was going to be okay and she needed to look at the bright side.

She nodded and held herself back from crying. She wanted to say something, anything but she just couldn't. She turned around silently, still not saying anything. Maybe this was the best for both of them.


Mol stopped but didn't turn around, afraid that Spark would see the sadness in her eyes.

"Take good care of yourself," Molly froze for a while overwhelmed by Spark's words. She nodded and walked away. As Spark watched her leave, he finally let it all out - he couldn't hold his sadness in any longer.

At that moment, a fancy car sped by. Both Spark and Molly ignored it, still saddened. What they also missed was the dark glare that came from inside the car, which was sharp enough to pierce through the car window.

When Molly finally got to the villa, she saw Brian sitting leisurely at the sofa. His long legs were crossed and his hands were relaxed - one on the cushion and one holding a remote. She didn't expect that Brian would be here so early. She threw a quick glance at him, changed out of her shoes, and went straight upstairs.


Molly froze.

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