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   Chapter 605 The Misunderstandings (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5991

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When words fail, silence will prevail.

In the Dream Cafe, Becky was sitting by the window, where she could clearly see the Grand Night Casino.

It was in the morning when very few people were milling about. From where she was sitting, she could see the disappointed faces of the people walking out of the Casino.

After a night of gambling, it was more common to lose than win and oftentimes, their losses were so big that they would lose their minds. Brian didn't see the world in black and white; he liked to explore the gray area too. He liked to watch people scramble in despair.

The sound of the bells rung as someone came in the shop. The Dream Cafe had very few customers around this time of the day. For some reason, Becky had a gut feeling that it was Brian and when she turned around so see who it was - she wasn't surprised to find that she was right.

Brian saw Becky right away but he didn't expect she would be earlier. He started walking towards when the waitress came over to ask for his order and handing over a menu. Brian didn't even look at the menu when he spoke, "One cup of black coffee, and one cup of Kona."

"Just a moment, sir."

"You still remember," Becky said in a soft tone, just the same tone as Brian could remember, with less playful pride and more sentiment.

"My memory's always been good," Brian said flatly.

After a pause, Becky asked, "So, you want to talk about Mark?" Gazing into Brian's deep eyes, she asked slowly, "If I told you that I didn't do it, do you believe me?"

"Then tell me, was it you or not?"

"...." Becky remained silent for a moment. After the waitress had served their coffees and left, she said, "Yes." She instantly felt her insides drop when she uttered the word, "yes." Suddenly, she was resentful and the

, "You did pretty okay this time. You totally looked like you really were angry and jealous even though I knew you were lying, I still bought it. You were so good at acting that Brian didn't even bother to ask any more questions!" She continued to talk even when Becky started scowling, "Oh, okay, maybe you weren't acting after all because you really did want to kill Mark and now you're considering killing Molly too. Miss Becky, you didn't lose anything. At least, now you know that Mr. Brian doesn't love Molly,"

she laughed, turned around, and then left. No one could have heard anything - to the other people in the cafe, all that happened was a waitress doing her job and doing a bit of small talk.

The waitress placed the cold coffee at the service counter and then she exited through the back door that led to a back alley. She walked towards the corner relaxedly and eyed the man smoking against the wall. She smiled and said teasingly, "I don't think you belong here!"

The man was dressed in fancy clothes and wore a pair of over-sized black sun glasses that covered half his face. He had a cigarette in one hand and he was hunching - he really didn't belong in this place.

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