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   Chapter 604 The Ultimate Sacrifice For Love (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7999

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Her face turned ashen. Spark felt her sway and kept his right hand on her back to steady her. Molly looked at Brian's indifferent face and what happened on QY Island ran through her mind. She couldn't believe how quickly things had changed. The man before her looked like a stranger. Molly could no longer read Brian's thoughts. What happened to them seemed like a mockery now. She thought Brian still loved her, but she was wrong. Eyes red, she declared, "I don't care what you do to me. But you have no right to take Mark away from me. Please don't involve him in this whole business. I want to see him now!" Molly was now yelling at Brian. "Do you know Mark is my everything? I will do anything to protect him. I can't live without him. Now, you steal him away from me. He's sick. His body is weak. How could you do this to him? You are so cold and cruel!"

But Brian's expression remained inscrutable. He stood up and approached Molly slowly. She felt a powerful vibe emanate from the man that forced her and Spark to step back. His tone was sharp as he mocked, "Mol, I want to thank you for playing the love game with me these past several days. It must have been hard, but you did an excellent job. I have to commend you for being a good mom. Now, I want to see how much better you are as a mother. Please prove it to me," he challenged.

Molly couldn't read Brian's face. His words puzzled Spark. They couldn't make heads nor tails of what he was saying. So Spark asked, "What do you mean, Brian?"

There was a hint of a smile in Brian's mouth, but his expression remained aloof. He glanced at Spark's right hand which rested on Molly's back and ordered, "Let go of her."

Spark felt Brian's fury. The vibe from him was so powerful that the tension around them had become so intense. He let go of Molly. Clenching her fists, Molly said, "Brian, I'm not the only one pretending. Like me, you were also pretending. You did so much for me but only because you wanted to put me in a very awkward position. You wanted to make me look like a fool!" she said with disdain.

Brian was unmoved by her words, but he noted that Molly's countenance was more anger than sorrow. She thought Brian played her once again. He stroked the necklace around her neck, then touched the Firefly Stone that shone brightly there. With a smirk, he challenged, "I'm giving you one more chance to see if you wi

for several more days. But I didn't expect you to lose so early in the game," Brian mocked. He ran a finger on Molly's lips and felt his blood there. "Don't even think about leaving me," Brian growled. "or I will harm the people who matter to you. Do you understand?"

The familiar sneer in his face was back. Brian's eyes turned dark and deep. Before turning to leave, he said, "John will come to pick you up soon. I have a request. During the day, you can go out to work. But at night, you will not be allowed to leave. You must stay at my villa."

His tone was as cold as his attitude. As Brian turned to leave, even his back appeared indifferent. Molly gaped at Brian's departing back. Spark was still on the ground, looking miserable.

Once inside the car, Tony quickly drove off. When the hospital was out of sight, Brian took a deep breath and allowed himself to feel miserable. He had hurt Molly again but only to protect her and Mark. Brian had no other options. He looked out the window as the car traveled farther and farther away from the hospital. He tried to catch a glimpse of Molly, but couldn't see her.

His phone rang, and he shook himself out of the reverie to answer. The voice from the other end of the line said, "We found some of their people in the hospital. We didn't startle them as you ordered."

Brian's eyes turned dark. He hung up then made another call. On the other end, a husky and happy voice answered, "I'll be at the cafe right across the street from Grand Night Casino in half an hour.

I will see you there," Brian heard the other person say.

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