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   Chapter 603 The Ultimate Sacrifice For Love (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6854

Updated: 2019-05-01 11:09

Molly woke up with a terrible headache and felt sick. These days, she rarely rested as she sat by the bed to take care of Mark. Last night, Shirley came to see them and was heartbroken to see Molly this way. Aided by Spark, they convinced her to go to bed to get some rest. Everyone was now at the hospital, and it seemed like this had become home to them. Needing to stretch her legs, Molly got up to look out the window. There were some clouds, but the sun shone brightly. Through the purple floral curtains, the sun's rays filtered through the room. The logo of the Dragon Empire Group glistened intensely because of the sunlight. The glare came from the two majestic and magnificent dragons that made up the logo as they glowed golden under the morning light.

Bleary-eyed, Molly closed her eyes and shook her head to get rid of the pain, then opened them again. She went back near the bed to fold the covers she had thrown aside earlier. Molly headed to the bathroom and washed up quickly then proceeded to the ICU to see Mark. As she entered the unit, Molly saw health care workers cleaning up the area. Mark was not there. Stunned, she froze for an instant. When she realized that her son was no longer there, she went out to look for one of the doctors and inquired anxiously, "Where's Mark? He's supposed to be here."

Calmly, the doctor replied, "Mr. Brian Long just came to take him away. I heard he was transferring Mark to a foreign hospital so he can receive better medical treatment."

She was taken aback by what the doctor said. She released her hold on his arm and walked out of the ICU to look for Brian. When Spark stepped out of the elevator, he saw Molly running. She looked like she was searching for something or someone. Spark called her name, but she didn't respond. He became worried and quickly ran after her to inquire about what had happened.

Molly went around the hospital in search of Brian and Mark. She couldn't believe that Brian would have Mark transferred without telling her. But it looked like they were no l

involving me in your business?" she asked incredulously. "Me and my son, we never wanted to be part of your life!" she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

She felt so miserable that the tears wouldn't stop falling. Looking at Molly, Spark frowned. He noted the girl was too weak to stand, so he kept his right hand on her back to support her. He stared at Brian with enormous amber eyes. A flame seemed to leap inside his chest. "Why did you do that, Brian Long?" Spark demanded.

Unfathomable eyes stared into Spark's amber ones. He had more to say to Brian, but the words wouldn't come out. His lips moved as if chewing on words, but Spark held back his tongue. Brian's expression had turned aloof. Suddenly, unpleasant memories flashed before his eyes. He recalled everything Molly did to make him angry. Turning to her, he said, "Mark is my son. He is the heir of the Long family, so he must grow up with the Long family." Squinting at Molly, he curled the corners of his mouth and said, "As for you, I will do whatever I want with you." His eyes deepened as he watched Molly's reaction. "Don't even try to fight it, Molly Xia," Brian warned. "You left me quickly and quietly," he reminded her. "You should've known I would get back at you for doing that to me," Brian growled at her. His eyes now matched his cold tone. "I am going to have my revenge."

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