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   Chapter 602 The Ultimate Sacrifice For Love (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7363

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"I didn't expect Becky to be involved in this business. I guess it's true what they say that God works in mysterious ways to help us. I heard a lot of people investigated this and all of them came up with the same results," The Black Widow saluted Hannah before tipping the whiskey glass until she consumed all its contents. As a drinker, she was invincible, so it was easy to down the whole glass of whiskey. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she said, "I feel like there's another gang taking action as well."

"Is that so? Well, I don't care at all," Hannah retorted, sitting up. "I was more worried if the cat's paw could get away with it. Thanks to Becky, we don't need to worry about it all." A sly smile broke out on that innocent and beautiful face. "I heard that Molly and Becky are half-sisters. Things are really getting more interesting now," Black Widow said.

Her statement elicited no reaction. She thought Hannah was an absolute badass, and she was determined to raise the game. Smiling, Black Widow added, "I also have good news. According to the Jesuit, Steven will be back soon."

It was indeed good news for Hannah, who smiled brightly as she stood up to leave. "That's good to hear! And it's a wonderful bonus."

Watching Hannah's departing back, Black Widow wore a satisfied smile. It was a smile that would make other people shiver.

"Boss, why do you cooperate with that girl?" the bartender asked as he approached Black Widow. He smirked at his question in a show of contempt for Hannah.

She turned to hand over her glass to the bartender, who refilled it for her. Slowly, she explained, "Although Mr. Song is no longer in business, he still has the power. And there are still a lot of people who would follow his lead. If we want to control the whole dark world of A City, we must get rid of his heir. But don't you worry. We have everything under control." Black Widow was ambitious and it was her dream to be the leader of the underworld. She raised her eyebrows and brushed her jaw with fingertips before pressing her lips on his cheek to give him a kiss. "What would Brian do if he finds out it was Hannah who did this?" she wondered aloud.

Hannah, o

you been up to these days?"

The man was eighty-four years old, but he remained hale and hearty. Of course, he was unlike most men because he used to lead the underworld of A City. She knew her grandfather had a lot to complain about her, so Hannah quickly cut him off. "I'm exhausted, Grandpa. I'm going upstairs now to get some sleep. It's already very late, and you need to rest, too. Goodnight," she said. Before he could say anything, she quickly headed up the stairs. The old man stared at her back and shook his head helplessly.

Inside her room, Hannah scrubbed off her make-up while thinking. Then all of a sudden, something popped in her mind that told her she was destined to win Brian's heart, and she had to take him away from Molly. With a perfect opportunity right in front of her, Hannah decided to seize it.

Her thoughts put Hannah in a good mood. After removing her make-up, she sat in the bathtub to relax. There were so many ideas inside her head that she wanted to try something new, and not long after, Hannah had revised her original plan.

The night passed quickly. Unlike during the past couple of days which had always been cloudy, the sun finally appeared. It was a beautiful morning, with dappled sunlight turning the serene surroundings green and gold. There were small pools on the ground from several days of rain. But the scorching sun quickly dried these and soon enough, people were feeling the discomfort due to a heatwave.

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