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   Chapter 601 The Ultimate Sacrifice For Love (Part One)

Love Crisis By Changdu Characters: 7264

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Sometimes, you have to hurt the ones you love in your desire to protect them.


"You aren't telling her the reason?

What's that supposed to mean?" Richie asked Brian. Brian looked at Richie sharply, "You know Molly's character well. If I tell her the reason why I asked you to take Mark away, she'd probably lose her mind and do anything to protect the boy, and in the process harm herself." He paused, and a hint of sadness flashed across his eyes, "I love them both so much. And I don't want to see Molly hurt herself because of Mark, just as I don't want Mark to lose his independence and freedom because of his mother's over protectiveness." People seemed to think that everyone born in the Long family was free, and they could do anything they desired. Unknown to them, Brian Long, as head of the family-owned conglomerate, had to give up certain things because of his responsibility. But he wanted his son to be in charge of his own life. More, he wanted Molly to live freely with him, like any ordinary person.

Richie looked at Brian coldly. He knew exactly how his son felt. Even as Brian spoke calmly, Richie could feel the struggle and confusion in the young man's heart because he had gone through the same thing himself. Richie expected Brian to have several love affairs, but knowing his son was indifferent, finding one girl to love deeply was unexpected. His son had found the love of his life, and he was determined to stay with her for the rest of his life. It seemed that every man in the Long family was destined to fall deeply in love with one woman and love her the rest of his life. But whether that man would end up living happily ever after with his love or suffering from a hopeless and miserable life without his true love, no one could tell.

"You're still going to do this even though Molly doesn't understand you and will blame you for it?" Richie asked. It was a question that was sure to bring unbearable torture to Brian and cause him much pain.

His son's eyes darkened, and his thin lips twitched slightly. Slowly, he said, "I don't care. It's better than hurting her."

"Brian, when someone's heart gets deeply hurt, the cons

tionship had always been unstable. Now, however, Brian was out to protect not just Molly, but Mark as well. There were still many loose ends where Brian and Molly's relationship was concerned.


Hannah sat at the bar, with a cocktail on hand, especially concocted for her by the bartender. The drink called "Red Lips" suited her personality. To anyone who saw Hannah, she would appear careless, just enjoying a drink at the bar.

"They have Mark under their care, the atmosphere is intense, yet you're here enjoying cocktails at a bar." A woman's voice spoke lazily next to her. "I think I'll have a shot of whiskey."

Shrugging her shoulders, Hannah looked at Black Widow who sat next to her. "I have to thank you because what you've done allowed me to enjoy my stay here. Without you, we couldn't have executed our plan perfectly. Then to top it all, the surprise ending was something I never expected," Hannah said.

The Black Widow smiled. Studying Hannah's innocent face, she saw the girl was tougher than she looked. No one could resist her charm. Here was a femme fatale, she decided. Black Widow had seen the girl in action, and she was beyond vicious. Hannah was capable of killing people using subtle means. Her mind was clear, sharp and focused, plus she knew how to manipulate people to her advantage. It was in her nature, and she was born to do this. So, Black Widow believed the girl was ready to take over from Mr. Song.

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