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   Chapter 600 The Much Awaited Operation (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6697

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It seemed as if time had stopped. Brian stood by the door coldly, porridge and soup in his hand while Molly and Spark stood across him by the ICU's windows side by side. They stood beside each other with their backs turned to him, and this did not spark joy in Brian's eyes. His intense stare sent daggers in their direction.

He turned around slowly and left as quietly as he came. When he ran into Shirley in one corner, he paused. She hadn't slept since visiting Mark in his hospital room. When he sensed that Shirley was looking at the food he was holding, he lowered his eyes by a fraction and said in a clipped voice, "Mol hasn't eaten anything for a whole day..." Then he raised his eyes to look at Shirley, "Shirley, please give these to her."

"What's wrong with you two?" Shirley asked with hint of a scowl on her face. They had been getting along well when they came back and even on the first day the accident had happened. She briefly wondered what had transpired that day.

"Please don't ask…" said Brian with finality in his voice. He handed the bag of food over to Shirley. She knew his temper quite well. He was so like Richie, who never wanted to talk about anything he did, even if he might be judged or misunderstood. She could only sigh, took the food he offered and went to the ICU.

Brian did not leave until he saw Shirley reached the ICU. He decided he did not need some rest yet, but instead went to the rooftop. Thick cumulus clouds obscured most of the moonlight. He leaned against the railing and fished out a cigarette from his pocket. He took out a lighter and lit it, its steel making a pit-pat sound as a reddish flame flashed by the side of his mouth.

Brian returned the lighter to its place and smoked silently, his other hand resting in the pocket of his trousers. The hazy cloud of smoke swirled and spread in the bleak moonlight. His face looked ethereal and almost unreal under the diffusing smoke, his handsome features enhanced by the gentle moonlight.


ame to Richie's mind upon hearing what Frank said. Many years ago, he had lashed out at Frank for stealing documents in his study, but afterwards Frank said, "Well, it's actually great that you waited for me…"

A smile made its way to Richie's thin lips at the memory. He said, "It's late. You should go to bed as soon as possible."

They bid their good nights to each other and turned off the video. Turning his attention to Brian who was playing with the gun he had just placed on the desk, he asked, "What's up?"

"Can you take Mark away?" asked Brian in his usual aloof voice. It did not sound like a request.

Staring blankly at his cold and arrogant son, Richie said, "You'd better have a good reason."

"I don't want Mark to be involved in political conflicts…" Brian said while putting the gun down. Its metal barrel made a little thud on the mahogany table. "I hope he could grow up simply and do whatever he likes to do."

"If I take him away--" "then what about Molly?" Richie said plainly. "I'm afraid she won't agree with you."

Brian lowered his eyes slightly to conceal the self-mockery reflected in them. He said disinterestedly, "It's not up to her to decide."

Richie was obviously surprised to hear what Brian just said. He did not expect that.

He slowly asked, "Aren't you going to tell her why?"

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