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   Chapter 599 The Much Awaited Operation (Part Three)

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"The operation is done, let me just suture the wounds," Dr. Young said. The hospital's deputy director handed him the tools from a metal tray and he began the suturing process. Suddenly, Dr. Fan's stressed voice spoke out, "Wait a minute!"

Dr. Young immediately stopped what he was doing. Everyone in the operating room turned to look at Dr. Fan, who frantically said, "Something is wrong with his heart!"

"His blood pressure is dropping drastically!" the nurse cried in shock.

Dr. Fan frowned. He gestured to Dr. Young to exchange positions with him. Moving to the operating table, he began to perform a check-up and then said, "Intracranial hemorrhage!"

Everyone in the room blanched upon hearing Dr. Fan's diagnosis. On second thought however, they could not help but feel grateful that the hemorrhage was discovered before suturing. Otherwise, not only would Mark's body fail to endure a second craniotomy operation, but it might be too late to remove the hemorrhage as well.

Opposite the operating room's walls, people outside of it had no idea about the nerve-racking situation happening inside. They could only do so much as wait. Like a knife, time kept cutting everybody's heart in pieces repeatedly as the hours rolled by. Molly felt like a century had passed, and during that century, she nearly used all her strength to stare at the glowing sign "In Operation" on top of the operating room's doors.

A male voice cut through the tense silence. "Molly…" Brian said softly as he strode to her, arms outstretched seeking to embrace--but Molly turned away slightly, as if she felt what he was going to do. Brian's arms paused in mid-air, sensing her hesitation. With bitterness etched on his thin lips, he receded slowly. He just stood by her side to watch over her, feeling that she would collapse at any minute.

At that moment, Molly didn't think of anything except Mark. She only cared about her son.

Tap tap tap…

The sound of hasty footsteps suddenly coming broke the silence at the corridor, alerting everyone in the waiting area. Everyo

rk's intracranial tumor was removed successfully, but recurrence is still possible," he said. When everybody's faces were just as agitated, he added, "In addition, you should mentally prepare yourselves for another thing... Mark has congenital heart disease, which has incubated before if you have not been notified and was triggered by this operation. I'm afraid that it would be more troublesome than the tumor." Nobody among them could say a word upon hearing the bad news.

When Molly felt her body was about to collapse, she instinctively grasped Spark's arm for support. Dr. Fan elaborated more about Mark's condition, explaining all that had happened was due to the excessive amounts of vitamin C in Mark's body.

It was now late at night when the operation and the discussion about Mark's condition ended. Molly looked at Mark who was almost covered by a variety of medical instruments from the windows of the ICU, her hands resting on the cool glass. The sight made Molly's heart ache.

"Molly, Mark will be okay..." said Spark. It was late but he hadn't left yet. In such a stressful moment, nobody was in the mood to think about how he had gotten the news or even entered the VIP floor of the hospital.

Molly remained silent and did not respond. She could not think about anything else besides Mark. She looked at him sadly behind the glass windows of the ICU.

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