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   Chapter 598 The Much Awaited Operation (Part Two)

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"No," Brian said, quickly regaining his calmness. The door closed shut and Molly was out of his sight. His falcon-like eyes squinted slightly, which were deep and gloomy as an ancient well. "It won't make any sense to go on investigating," he added. His opponent was a clever one, being able to pull off a stunt without leaving any evidence - thus, many preparations must be done in advance. Not many people could manage such a feat in a critical moment, or erase all doubts in a short amount of time. He knew Becky wasn't capable of doing that. He had to believe her even if he didn't want to.

The room became tense and filled with distress. Meanwhile, outside the suite Molly could hardly support her body. She had to brace her arms and hands against the wall to prevent herself from falling. She still had a way to go to reach Mark's hospital room.

When she stopped in her tracks to temporarily rest her frail and weak body, she heard what Brian's emotionally distant voice said. Her eyes instantly welled with tears and she truly felt miserable. She braced her arms against the wall again and continued to Mark's room. She couldn't believe it. Even though there were enough evidences that could prove the accusations towards Becky, he still chose to believe in Becky. Even if Becky had done all of those things, he still wouldn't call her to account.

Molly gritted her teeth, trying to prevent her teardrops from falling. She continued trudging towards Mark's hospital room, her hands still bracing the wall for support. Finally, she reached the door and gently twisted the knob open.

The room was quiet save for the quiet hum of the medical equipment. Shirley and Richie were inside, watching over Mark's sleeping form. When Molly entered, Shirley immediately went to wrap her arms around Molly's frame in a friendly hug and asked, "Little Molly, are you feeling better now? Why don't you rest some more? Don't worry, Richie and I will be here with Mark."

Molly looked at Shirley with unreadable eyes and tried her best to

d quickly upon seeing the blood pressure monitor displaying the dropping numbers.

Dr. Fan glanced slightly at the monitor, still composed as ever. His hands deftly continued the operation while he looked at the micro-display screen. At the same time, he calmly ordered, "Report his blood pressure every thirty seconds."

The nurse complied, her eyes fixed on the monitor and doing as Dr. Fan instructed. Mark's low blood pressure made operating on his body a little more complicated. Everyone in the room had their hearts in their throats as Mark's blood pressure continued dropping even lower. Everyone in the room went desperate when the numbers dropped to the minimum value allowed for the operation, even the indifferent Dr. Fan, who then clamped a tumor down using the forceps, which was about the size of a third of a fingernail. He put it on the tray the nurse held out.

"His blood pressure is rising again!" the nurse reported, sounding relieved.

Dr. Fan stayed cool and collected despite the extremely delicate state of the operation. He then said in an emotionless voice, "Dr. young, please take over."

Dr. Young took over and did the remaining standard follow-up work after surgery. Dr. Fan still remained by the operating table's side as Dr. Young proceeded with his work. He placed a stethoscope on Mark's chest where his heart was.

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