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   Chapter 596 Unbelievable Responses (Part Three)

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"Mark will be fine..." Molly spoke as if she had gone mad - she felt as if her entire world was falling apart, everything was turning black. The last thing she heard before passing out was Eric's anxious voice. There was another sound too but she couldn't make out the voice as she was already falling into a heap.

Brian had just come out in time to see Molly collapsing. His face paled. He walked briskly to close the distance between him and Molly to carry her before Eric could get to it.

"Keep your hands away from Molly! How dare you! This is on you!" Eric roared, "Get out of here! You don't deserve to be here! Why don't you just go back to Becky? After all, you're just her puppet."

Brian stopped and turned to face Eric meeting his gaze squarely. He was fuming when he spoke, "Eric, Molly's my wife."

"Wow so now you say she's your wife! That's big of you. I thought it was Becky? Wasn't it Becky? Right? The woman you just chose over Molly!" Eric bellowed. Since Molly was unconscious, he was able to show how angry he really was no holds barred. The sight of Molly laughing and crying like she had gone mad was crystal clear in his memory. Her face was sullen, her eyes dejected - Molly was miserable and it was all because of Brian. Eric was too furious to even try and control himself, "Keep your filthy hands away from her!" he commanded.

Brian narrowed his eagle-like eyes and said to Eric indifferently, "Eric, watch your words and remember who you are."

Then Brian gave Eric a dirty look. Eric was just waiting to calm himself down. Looking away, Brian grabbed Molly and stalked off.

But Eric remained motionless just staring at Brian and Molly in a heap. His eyes were filled with rage. He clenched his fists that they cracked a sound just showing how provoked he was. He wasn't just supposed to go around doing whatever pleased him because he had to be careful and remind himself who he was. And he needed to remember that because it was true - he really needed to be careful and control himself and behave properly. Because if not he would end up causing trouble to the entire Long family, the Dragon Island, and even the Dragon Empire Group. But how could he just watch Molly helplessly? He didn't want to watch from the sidelines. He wanted to be there for her, to comfort her, and to help her.

"Ahnnnnnnnnn!" He yelled out to release pressure.


Eric punched the tree trunk next to him as if it would solve all his problems. A bunch of leaves wet with the rain rustled down covering his feet.


ut don't worry about it, sir. I can develop a new kind of drug that will be compatible with Mrs. Long's eyes. I'll do my best so that her eyes won't get worse any longer."

What Elias really meant was that he could only try to stop her eyes from getting worse - that was all he could do. But he didn't dare to tell Brian that Molly's eyes were getting worse already - Brian wouldn't accept that.


The gloomy weather was fitting for everything that was happening.

Becky decided to drive to a coffee shop because she felt terrible. Even as she put on light make up to cover her face, she still looked sullen and exhausted. She walked into the coffee shop and went straight to the second floor.

The coffee shop was almost empty probably because of the bad weather and it was also a weekday. Only some waiters were hanging out at the second floor but at the corner of the shop, there was a person in a coat sitting quietly. He wore a cap and his stance said that he was waiting for someone.

Becky glanced at him and walked towards him. She had ordered a Cappucino. When it arrived, she waited for the waiter to leave before leaning towards the man, "What the hell is going on?" she asked in a low voice.

The man smiled slowly - he wasn't meeting her eyes because his cap was covering half of his face. "You already know this," Before Becky could respond, he continued, "Becky, if Eric and Brian pursues this investigation, all they're going to find out is what they already know that it was all your fault."

"What are you talking about?" Becky asked in disbelief.

"I mean, they're going to find out that the orange juice that Addison drank was from you, do you understand?


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