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   Chapter 594 Unbelievable Responses (Part One)

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Don't ever let anything pollute your love because the littlest impurities can turn everything upside down.


"If I told you that I didn't do it, would you believe me, Brian?"

The air was thick with uncertainty. Everyone in the room was looking at Brian who was just eyeing Becky callously. His lips were pressed together and he was just gazing at Becky as if he was waiting for something else to happen or perhaps, trying to read her mind.

Becky didn't shift her eyes under his gaze instead she met his eyes and stared him down. Her eyes were bloodshot from not having slept the whole night or maybe from crying because of everything that had happened. Her nose was twitching and she pressed her lips together not saying anything. She was still as a rock and quiet as a mouse just waiting for Brian to answer.

Because neither Brian nor Becky was saying anything and no one else was speaking, the atmosphere was getting stranger. Becky continued to meet Brian's gaze as Molly and Eric also had their attention towards Brian. Eric looked confused while Molly held her breath as if she was afraid of what she was going to hear.

Time passed by as Becky and Brian continued to stare each other down. The muted air was getting a bit awkward. Becky felt so vulnerable and exposed as if she was naked and her heart was front and center. She could feel it coming—she was going to get hurt quickly and deeply by Brian any moment now.

Becky bit her lips anxiously as Brian scowled at her. But at this moment, she didn't really care what he thought of her. At that moment, she just wanted to know his answer. The man standing in front of her was the man that used to love her, and she needed to know if this man that she still loved believed her.

Brian frowned so scantily that no one else caught it. In his mind, he was thinking how the last time he saw Becky like this was 13 years ago. 13 years ago, Brian visited to Dragon Island to attend his grandfather's birthday party. A day after that he went to the Royal School to find Eric. He stood outside a classroom and peeked through the massive window—he never forgot what he saw. Until now, he could still describe in detail what he had seen.

Everyone who studied at the Royal School came from a prominent family in Dragon island. While Becky's family was still impo

ll shuddered.

Brian saw that Molly was looking at him as if he had betrayed her, as if he was the enemy. His eye brows knitted together and pushed Becky away. He spoke to Molly in a soft voice, "Becky wouldn't do that. She has nothing to do with this."

"Brian! You know this is Becky! We have proof!" Eric gritted his teeth—he was seething. He continued, indignant, "And you're choosing to believe her over me?"

They were all visibly in quite a predicament. But Brian remained calm and said flatly, "She didn't do it."

He spoke conclusively that shocked Eric and Molly.

"Brian!" Molly shouted. She was hysterical now—something she'd never been before as she pointed a finger to Becky, "You told me you won't let anyone hurt Mark! And here she is! She's the one who hurt Mark! How are you defending her?"

Molly was able to scream in such volume because she felt betrayed and she was scared. Tears were running down her face now. She looked at Brian through her tears who just frowned at her. His eyebrows seemed to furrow together as if he found Molly silly.

Still sobbing, Molly fixed her gaze on Brian. "Brian, do you really believe Becky?" Eric asked, disappointed.

"I'm going to figure this out," Brian said flatly, "But this is not about Becky."

This was all too overwhelming for Molly that she almost lost her balance—she was about to fall in a heap when Eric held her arm as support. She saw Brian moving to pull her up too but Eric was nearer and faster and besides, she didn't want to be anywhere near Brian right now.

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