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   Chapter 593 Trust (Part Three)

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The person at the other end of the line seemed surprised by her remark. The person paused and then started laughing. "What? You can't make Brian stay so now you suddenly care about his son?" the person asked ironically.

"Drop that tone, I'm not playing." Becky gritted her teeth. "You don't get to talk to me like that!"

The person didn't seem to mind Becky's attitude at all and said," They said Addison was sent to the hospital yesterday due to a vitamin C overdose. They said it was from the orange juice he was drinking..." Then the person paused as if to allow Becky to process the news. "It happened in the restaurant you went to at noon. Becky, think about how this looks. You really are ruthless. You know Addison likes the cake there so you took advantage and did what you had to do. Were our men any good?" the person continued.

"What are you talking about?" Becky asked sternly, "I didn't do it!"

"Hee hee." The person chuckled obviously not giving a crap. "I don't care about your personal life. I'm calling for another reason. I think you should be reminded that the moment Rory agreed to work for me means you're in the same boat too. So in the future if you're planning to do anything stupid, make sure you tell me first. I don't want to have to clean your mess. This ends now. Or else I don't think I have to remind you what's going to happen." After another pause, the person added, "By the way, don't you even think of pulling me into this mess. Once this gets out, your father goes down first."

After a string of shrill laughter, the phone was hung up.

For a while, Becky was unable to speak. She just kept listening. Finally, when the call ended, her body had stiffened from that threat. Her mind was just blank as if she forgot how to think until finally, she figured out what exactly the person was saying.


In Empire Hospital.

Mark was still in a coma. It was almost noon. Every mi

and Molly sprang towards her like an animal and said through clenched teeth, "Becky, how dare you do this! If you wanna fight back then why don't you come at me! Leave my son alone! This is a new low for you! He's just a little boy! What did he ever do to you? How could you do this?" Molly tossed the folder in Becky's face when she finished speaking. "Now the doctors can't even resort to surgery all because of that orange juice you gave him! They could have saved him! But now they can't do anything! You did this! You! You did this to my son!" she screamed.

Becky pushed Molly away nonchalantly. Eric who was nearer Molly caught her before she fell and didn't let go. He turned to Becky and said harshly, "Becky, you're nothing but trash to me now."

She wanted to fight back but she decided against it when suddenly, the phone call she had just had popped in her head. She fidgeted with her hands and slowly shifted her gaze from Eric to Molly then to Brian, "Brian, if I say I didn't do this, will you believe me?"

This question was only for Brian. Becky stared at Brian unblinking, waiting for his answer. Meanwhile, Eric and Molly turned to look at Brian too.

Silence fell. Even the air seemed to have curdled. "I didn't do it. Do you believe me?" Becky asked again.

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