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   Chapter 591 Trust (Part One)

Love Crisis By Changdu Characters: 6988

Updated: 2019-04-29 00:34

A lot of the things we thought we would never forget just sneakily slip our minds over time.

In Smile Hotel.

Shirley had been silent ever since they had come back from the hospital. She stood on the balcony, her hand on the rails, looking into the distance. Everything seemed fuzzy under the flickering lights, which troubled her mind even more.

At the sight of her sad figure in the night, Richie felt a spasm of ache in his heart. He didn't go over there and comfort her, but he just stood there looking at her. His pain was no less than hers. It was just that his pain was because of hers. He knew why she was sad but he still couldn't bring himself to comfort her. He was afraid that words would only aggravate the pain that she was feeling.

Shirley pressed her lips as her mind raced. Her hands were clutching so hard on the rails that knuckles turned white. Her eyelids fluttered as she tried to hold back her tears. She had always been optimistic and hopeful. No one would have thought that she could also be trapped in the pain caused by the past.

Wing had been frail and sick ever since she was born, mainly because her biological mother had been in poor health when she had been pregnant with Wing. But it was because Shirley accidentally made Wing's biological mother trip that Wing was born premature. Shirley hadn't forgotten that even today. If that hadn't happened then Wing wouldn't have suffered from leukemia; and maybe she wouldn't be suffering from septicemia either after her leukemia had been cured.

Shirley's nose twitched. Her eyes watered. She widened her eyes and refused to let the tears fall by trying not to blink as she bit furiously at her lower lip. She knew Richie was standing behind her and watching her. She knew it would pain him to see her being sad. But she couldn't hide it any longer. Today when the vice president of the hospital told Little Molly that Mark's disease was caused by Molly's pregnancy, Shirley felt her heart twisted. She wouldn't let Mark become a second Wing! She wouldn't!

Her lips trembled violently, her nose twit

? No, he can't. That's impossible, ' she thought.

"Becky Yan," Eric said slowly in a low voice, staring at her terrified face, "come on, it's just you and me." His face approached hers as he spoke. "Why do you even care what time it is, huh?"

Becky stepped back a little instinctively. Eric seldom called her by her full name, at least not in front of her. He only did it when he was mad. "Eric, what do you want?"

"What do I want?" Eric pressed closer. Out of terror, she loosened her grip on the doorknob reflexively and backed away farther. His eyes were as gloomy as the dark night. "I want to know what your heart's made of. Becky Yan, how can you be so evil? How didn't I see that before?"

Becky's heart jumped as he spoke. She tried her best to pretend that she had no idea what he was talking about but Eric kept advancing towards her. She kept stepping back until she knocked the floor lamp over. The loud bang startled her.

"Eric, what exactly are you talking about?" Becky gasped. "Did you just come here to tell me all this?"

Her guilty eyes and defensive stance angered him even more. He stopped talking and it was completely silent. He was seething. His hands had curled into fists so hard that his knuckles cracked ringing through the quiet room. If Becky wasn't a woman and he hadn't known her since he was a child, he would have hit her squarely on the face.

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