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   Chapter 590 The Food Poisoning (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8236

Updated: 2019-04-29 00:12

"Mr. Eric Long, the... child... Is he okay now?" The manager summoned up his courage and asked.

"Where's the juice?" Eric asked directly, ignoring the manager's question.

"We preserved it as you commanded, sir," The manager hastily replied as he led Eric to the kitchen where the juice was stored, and said, "We also asked that the waiter who served the juice and the man who made the juice stay here. Do you want to see them now?"

Eric followed the manager to the kitchen wordlessly. When they were just nearing the kitchen door, they heard a clatter. Something had obviously broken.

"Why'd you break the juice cup?"


After a sound of exclamation, there was a silence in the kitchen, and the atmosphere just tensed up.

The manager's face twisted into horror. He rushed to the kitchen to find the cook assistant holding a water pipe. On the ground lay the fragments of the juice cup. The orange juice had already been washed away by the water that spilled out of the pipe. There was no way they could test the juice now.

The manager's face turned so ugly that his lips even twitched as he looked at the almost colorless orange juice on the floor that had been washed away by the water. He couldn't help but cry in his heart, "I am so doomed!"

"Ma-, Manager, I, I didn't mean to... "

The manager sprang to his feet, "What good does that do?" If I killed you, can I just say in court, 'Oh, I didn't mean to kill him, ' Does that work for you? Can I do that?"

Eric was seething as he watched the entire scene unfold. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and a spine-chilling wicked smile appeared on his face that made all of the people in the kitchen freeze in fear.

"Very well!" Eric said slowly as he looked at the assistant and continued, "How much did you get to do this?"

"What... what do you mean?" The cook assistant didn't know who Eric was, but he was very scared of him.

"Possibly way more than you've ever earned in your whole life as a measly assistant, huh? Or maybe even higher than your chef's salary and perk, right?" Eric spoke again but this time he scowled at the assistant, "Although, you were stupid enough to accept the money. I'm afraid you are going to have to die first before you get to spend it!"

Then, he threw a look at the manager and turned around and left. He didn't even try to find who had touched the cup before. He knew all kinds of tricks because he used them himself quite a lot too. These

being sent to Eric. Three hours was a short time for such a task, even for the Shadow Organization and even though the restaurant had surveillance equipment everywhere.

Eric was staring at the monitor as a slideshow of the people involved were being shown. Whenever he saw anyone suspicious, he would take note and ask someone to investigate on the person. They were also doing another investigation on the background of the people who was ever in contact with the juice and anything found on them should be a weakness, something that can be used against them. For Eric, it was unforgivable that something happened to Mark under his watch.

As he watched the surveillance video on the monitor, Eric's face darkened. He'd been trained since childhood to watch out for suspicious people—he knew how to rule out those who were innocent and a few looked sketchy. As was the situation today, he watched the video that was timed at around noon. This was a lunch rush so tons of people were going in and out of the restaurant. And in addition to that, the restaurant was known for its desserts and some of its main courses. Eric watched closely as people came in and out until two figures by the restaurant door that just caught his attention.

He clicked on the keyboard and switched the video picture to another frame where the two figures sat down by the window and ordered the meal, and the waitress who had served them was the one who also delivered the juice to Mark!

"It was her?!" Eric pressed the Enter key to lock the screen, he gazed into the figure of waitress with sharp and cold eyes as if he had every intention to shoot her.

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