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   Chapter 589 The Food Poisoning (Part One)

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The selfishness of maternal love was often manifested in all mothers' extravagant wishes to leave all good things to their children, but they often forgot that many things were beyond their control!

Eric's voice came through the phone—his breathing was unstable, short, and deep.

Shirley was stunned at first, and then asked: "What? What did you just say? What's wrong with Mark?"

All the people in the room suddenly turned their attention towards her especially Molly. When she heard something was wrong with Mark, she instantly worried.

From the rear view mirror, Eric looked at Mark, who was lying in a coma in the back seat. As he sped up his car, he replied, "I don't know what's wrong with him yet. Mark was eating at a restaurant with me earlier. He was fine at the beginning but all of a sudden he said he felt bad, and then he passed out before he finished talking. I'm on my way to the hospital right now."

Shirley's face was white as a sheet and her voice was trembling as she hastily spoke, "Okay, you do that, then we'll be there right away." Then she hung up and said in a rush, "Mark passed out for some unknown reason, so Eric's bringing him to the hospital now."

Molly's face turned the same shade as Sheryl's when she heard that. Brian's eyes grew sharp but he remained silent. Brian just walked out of the room with Molly and broke speed limits as they drove their way to the Dragon Empire Group Hospital of A City. They were followed by Richie and Shirley in their own car.

Eric leaned on the outside wall of the emergency room with his arms cross around his chest. With a cold look on his face, he kept staring at the closed door of the emergency room. All the doctors in charge from all the departments of the hospital were gathered inside to examine for Mark. He waited with increasing anxiety as every second passed by.

A moment later, he heard a bunch of footsteps rushing towards him.

Eric turned to Richie, Shirley, Brian, and Molly leading the pack running towards him. He was a bit surprised. When did Brian and Molly come back?

"Eric," Molly gasped and asked, "Where's Mark? How is he?" What happened? Why did he suddenly pass out?"

Molly gulped nervously. She was looking at Eric expectantly as if she wanted him to tell her that it wasn't a big deal. But he didn't. His face was solemn and even that playful smile of his was gone which only made Molly worry more.

"Eric?" Shirley asked, and she was also frowning.

Eric shook his head slightly, looked at them and said, "I don't know what happened either. We'll find out when the examinations are done."

Brian bit hi

listened to the doctor. Her face was pale and she couldn't feel her body anymore. Shirley swooped up to steady Molly's trembling body. Only Shirley could understand what Molly was feeling—it was a maternal thing. No one else could understand the pain a mother felt when her child was sick because the cause was maternal.

"Doc, doctor..." Molly said with her teeth rattling, "You mean that Mark... Mark's tumor could possibly be malignant?"

The Vice Dean nodded seriously. After his nod, all of their faces looked grave. Although none of the three men said anything, their eyes turned heavy and sharp one by one.

Unlike Molly and Shirley's concerns, the concern of all the three men was that the complications only existed because of the overdose on vitamin C making it impossible for Mark to have intracranial surgery.

Brian took out his phone and dialed a group of numbers. As soon as the call came through, he ordered harshly, "I want all of you to check right now! Find out who moved Mark's orange juice!"

"Yes, sir," Antonio's voice came on the phone.

The corner of Eric's mouth twitched and he said coldly, "I'll go check right now."

He turned around without waiting for anyone to respond to him and left hastily.

Eric's face was stone-hard as he drove from the hospital to the restaurant. When he arrived at the restaurant, the manager of the restaurant hurriedly welcomed him. He had been shaking the whole time because of what happened earlier. He didn't know who the child was but he was obviously important to Eric. If the child got food poisoning from this place, not only would it get bad for the restaurant but for himself—he might lose his job or something worse might happen, as Eric was a powerful person after all.

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