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   Chapter 588 The Return Flight (Part Three)

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Molly looked at the card, on which there was graceful and clear handwriting. She was able to feel Ximena's wishes for her sincerely. At the same time, Molly could also recognize her hopelessness and pain, but even so, Molly was able to feel a deep love within her, which she never regretted though she was not happy at present. No, maybe she was happy. She fell in love with Aaron, didn't she? She loved Aaron deeply, even though he had never loved her.

Molly folded the card silently. Her finger pulled the lid of the box and slid the bracelet in the velvet box softly. She gently picked it up and placed it on the palm of her hand, while the crystal in the bracelet shined faintly as she moved.

Even if she might get hurt, even though she might be fooled, should she still love him with all her heart?

Thinking of that, Molly's eyes turned moist. Ximena understood her well and knew that she only needed to be encouraged. Ximena knew that once she took a step forward, she would accept any result that might come.

Brian did not know what Ximena had written to Molly. When he saw the crystal in the bracelet, he frowned slightly. If he guessed it correctly, it should be the crystal pellet wrapped by the jade seal of the Leng Family.

The airplane flew steadily in the clouds until it disappeared at the other end of the blue sky. Ximena stood at the fence outside the airport, looking at airplanes taking off and disappearing in her sight one by one.

The wind was so strong that her silky hair was disheveled. She placed her hands lightly on the steel grate. As one more airplane took off, she raised one of her hands slowly to wave goodbye, until it disappeared in the sky.

"Well, are you that eager to be free?" an ice-cold voice coming from her back said. Aaron looked with his sharp eyes at her wrist, where something seemed to be missing.

Ximena withdrew her hand. With a bitter smile at the corners of her mouth, she said in a low voice, "Aaron, you know for a fact that I won't leave. Even though I want to be free, I won't leave you."


Ximena's hand was grasped by Aaron all of a sudden. He looked at her with his cruel and cold eyes, gritting his teeth, he asked, "Where is the bracelet?"

His grip was too tight that she started to feel an intense pain

te their absence and their opinions. He loved Shirley, so he would also try to love those who Shirley loves.

Molly both looked shyly and nervously at Brian and then at Shirley. Finally, in face of the expecting yet nervous sight of Shirley, she opened her mouth lightly and said, "Dad, mom."

Hearing that, Shirley was too moved to say anything. She just walked around to look for something as a gift to Molly for meeting them first time as their daughter-in-law. However, she didn't find anything appropriate. It just happened so suddenly that she didn't have time to prepare.

"Your Firefly Stone has been given to Mol," said Brian. He smiled slightly unconsciously as he saw that Shirley looked ecstatic about it.

"Oho?" Shirley smiled as she heard what Brian said. Then she said, "Well, it happens too suddenly today. I don't have anything on hand. Later, Richie and I will choose a good gift for you."

"Aunt S... mom, it's unnecessary..."

"Tsk-tsk, it's necessary!"


The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law began chatting, while the topic shifted from the gift to the wedding process. At the same time, Richie and Brian were talking about the incident this time.

As they were talking warmly in two groups, Shirley's cellphone rang. Seeing that it was from Eric, she could not wait a moment to pick it up and flaunted that Little Molly had become her little devil. But before she was able to say anything, Eric's voice came urgently on the phone, "Aunt Shirley, Mark was involved in an accident!


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