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   Chapter 587 The Return Flight (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7045

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The men in black did not give the man a chance to catch his breath. Instead, they kept pouring the buckets of water one after another. The man tried hard to hold out, but gradually he was unable to bear it. Different from any other punishment directly imposed on human body, this one tormented not only the body but also the will, as if you were drowning in the water, waiting for death slowly.

A variety of excruciating means to torture were applied to the man one after the other in front of his fellows. They were originally willing to face death calmly, but seeing what was happening, fear gradually grew in their eyes. They had received a lot of training for these kinds of situations, but they had never seen a fellow struggling hopelessly on the edge of death like this. They were shocked by such a scene, upon seeing which their decision to stand firm slowly faded away.

Without changing countenance, Brian looked at all this coldly. The man who had been tortured became less stubborn and agreed to cooperate. However, Brian still did not say a word, which of course meant that the men in black continued unless he ordered otherwise.

Aaron's eyes slightly twitched by accident while watching the scene before him. He had seen many cruel and ruthless people, and he, himself, admittedly, was one of them. But he was afraid that there might not be many people in the world who could keep calm while seeing people were tortured at the gate of hell like this. Looking at Brian, he thought secretly, 'Some of FBI's means of torture which were supposed to be confidential are known by some outsiders, but it seems that nobody could know more of it than Brian. Is this man just the boss behind Grand Night Casino and Emp?'

"Please... I beg you... I...I...I... I'll tell you ..."

It sounded the man was at his last breath, gasping desperately, but his strong desire for survival was apparent. What kind of torture was this? The man who had wished to die was now begging to live.

"Unfortunately, I'm not interested anymore." Brian said in a low voice. He stood up slowly and said, "You've wasted t

anted to, because he was afraid that she would turn embarrassment into anger.

"Miss Xia," a stewardess approached to them with a sapphire velvet box, "Miss Ximena Mo entrusted me to pass this to you."

Though a bit confused, Molly took it and said, "Thank you." She looked at Brian and then at the box in her hand. She opened it slowly and saw a hollowed mosaic gold bracelet mounted with crystal together with a small card inside. Taking the card out, she put the box on her legs, before unfolding and reading the card.

"Mol, This bracelet symbolizes blessing and bears my best wishes for you. I hope you will step forward bravely and won't hold yourself back just because of the thought that you might get hurt. There are too many memories and too many pains in this life, but if there is none, then how could our lives make any sense?

Therefore, please don't give up on your pursuit while being immersed in the past, which would only make you lose what is supposed to belong to you. At least once in our lives, we meet that someone who will make us forget about ourselves, selflessly. What may happen in the future, without hoping that you can be together, without expecting that he can be yours, and even without wishing for him to love you back. What we want is only to meet him, to get hurt, to love him, to miss him, to be stupid, in the best years of our lives... Best regards, Ximena"

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