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   Chapter 585 Kidnapping Mark (Part Two)

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Yesterday, Shirley had taken Mark to the hotel for dinner. That was the first time he had seen Richie. He had almost thought it was Brian who was standing in front of him. He could hardly tell the two people apart except for the age difference. He had wondered who that was, but he didn't ask Shirley. Then after Shirley had told him Richie's name, he connected all the dots. He also recalled how Shirley had introduced herself when they first met so Mark figured out who Richie was from there.

Shirley was very happy that Mark finally knew who she was. She had been thinking about how to introduce herself and Richie to Mark these days. Unexpectedly, her smart grandson had worked out the puzzle by himself.

It should have been a happy family reunion, but too many things had happened that day.


In QY Island, Brian was having a meeting while Molly was reading a magazine in the lounge. But not one single page had been turned after a long while. She raised her head every now and then, looking towards another room through the glass window.

The meeting had been ongoing for more than three hours now. They had even skipped the meal. The secretary had brought her takeout food instead but she barely touched it. Her brows were furrowed in worry.

All over the news was the bombing at the amusement park - things were definitely serious. She put the magazine down and walked to the glass window. The expression on Brian's face was cold as usual. He listened and wrote every once in a while.

Molly lowered her eyes, turned around, and sat back on the sofa. She watched Brian. Her heart tightened. Somehow, she found it difficult to breathe. She pressed her lips together and called Eric.

"Hello, hello, look who's missing me," Eric joked.

Molly frowned and scolded, "How can you be in the mood to joke right now?"

Eric raised his brows and asked, "Little Molly, are you worried about me?"

"..." Molly was silent.

"Don't be embarrassed. Just tell me. If this thing led you to call and worry about me, then it was worth it even if I lost the Empire," Eric continued teasingly.

"Eric Long!" Molly roared.

"Eric sounds better," Eric said casually.

"..." Molly was wordless. She rolled her eyes and asked hesitantly, "Eric..."

"Don't worry," Eric interrupted her. He knew what she was going to say. "Let men worry about these things. Brian will take care of the things on QY Island. I am not worried. And things here are in control too. I

more powerful than ever. His residence occupied the entire east coast.

Under Brian's order, Tony had informed Aaron of his coming. He had heard of the bombing at the amusement park. Although he didn't take care of the matter directly, he had been investigating it in secret. QY Island was his turf. The bombing was a bold act and it was a humiliation for him.

"Molly," Ximena smiled when she saw Molly. "It's good to see you again. "

Molly nodded. Then they went to the drawing room. They drank tea and chatted. Aaron and Brian walked out of the house and came to the back yard. They stopped in front of a small building.

Aaron gestured to the doorman to open the door, which was done respectfully. Aaron led Brian in. Then they took the elevator and came to the basement. Nothing surprised Brian. As a man capable of manipulating QY Island's economy, it was only natural for Aaron to be scheming and careful.

"Did he talk?" Brian asked.

Aaron shook his head. "He tried to kill himself and was stopped. Most possibly, he is Red Leaf's death saint hitman."

If the mission failed and the hitman got caught, he had to kill himself. That was Red Leaf's rule.

"Humph!" Brian didn't give a damn what kind of rule Red Leaf had. He only knew they would talk if he wanted them to.

The basement reeked of blood while the drawing room was fragrant. Ximena and Molly really clicked after the cocktail party. Although they didn't meet very often, they talked about a lot of things when they did.

"Molly," Ximena put down the British cherry blossom cup and said, looking at Molly seriously, "do you think Mr. Brian Long loves you?


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