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   Chapter 584 Kidnapping Mark (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7862

Updated: 2019-04-28 00:02

In friendship, what matters is not how many friends we have, but how well we understand each other as friends. True friends are hard to get. One true friend in life is lucky enough. We know a friend is a true one not by how much time we spend with them but by how much we can open our heart to them. Mark stopped washing his hands and looked up at the person who was staring at him.

Daniel was surprised. Fluster flitted across his eyes. He pulled the mask off and revealed his face. "You can recognize me even if I am wearing a mask. Good for you, little guy," he said with an awkward smile.

"Hee hee," Mark giggled. "Uncle Daniel, why are you in my school?" When Mark realized that Daniel was wearing a uniform, he pointed and asked, "And why are you in a uniform? Do you work here now?"

Daniel shook his head. He looked around warily. When he was sure that no one was around, he said, "Shh! I'm here for a program."


Daniel nodded, "We have five groups of people on this program. The task is to take a kid to an appointed place within a limited time."

"Really?" Mark's eyes brightened. He seemed interested. Kids are curious after all. "Uncle Daniel, have you found the kid yet?" he asked.

Daniel shook his head again, just much more dejected this time. "Not yet." He twisted his mouth in frustration. As he was looking at Mark, his eyes lit up like he just had an idea. He asked excitedly, "Mark, can I take you instead?"

Mark nodded, looking excited too. But then something occurred to him. "Oh, I am sorry Uncle Daniel. I am afraid I can't go with you. We have to take a nap at half past twelve," he said.

Daniel squatted down and said, "It's okay. It takes only five minutes to get to the camera crew. All you need to do is show up. I can bring you back right away after that."

Mark thought about it with his head tilted. Seeing the expectation on Daniel's face, he chewed his lip and said with a nod, "Okay then."

A touch of coldness flitted across Daniel's eyes. He checked the entrance of the bathroom and said to Mark, "Let's go from the window. It will be faster." Mark looked towards the window. As if he was scared that Mark would change his mind, Daniel added quickly, "Then we can get there earlier and I can bring you back earlier too."

Mark agreed.

At this moment, there was nobody else in the

as. He had thought he and Brian were alike when he had seen him just now. They even assumed the same cold presence. But Daniel had refused to think further about the connection. And Mark's explanation made the connection all clear to him.

"Uncle Daniel," Mark uttered hesitantly, wriggling his fingers with lowered head as if he had done something wrong. "Actually, I knew you were lying when you said you were on a program." He raised his head. There was sadness in his eyes.

Richie got the wind the moment Daniel ran away from the rehabilitation center. He immediately arranged bodyguards in Mark's school and ordered Antonio to protect Mark in the villa. He could have caught Daniel the minute he had showed up at Mark's school, but he hadn't. Daniel was Molly's brother, Brian's brother-in-law, and Mark's uncle after all. He had hoped Daniel could realize his mistakes eventually. However, now he was hurting Mark, his own nephew. Obviously, Daniel was hopeless.

Richie gestured to his men to take Daniel away. Daniel kept cursing.

Mark watched Daniel being taken away. He raised his head to look at Shirley with sadness written all over his face. She squatted down and stroked his hair, trying to comfort him, "Mark, this is the best way to help your uncle. Your uncle didn't mean to hurt you. Someone made him do that. He loves you and you know that, right?"

Mark nodded. His eyes reddened. Shirley pulled him into her arms. His eyes watered. With his head on her shoulder, he looked at Richie through misty eyes, whose face was so like Brian's.

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