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   Chapter 583 Even The Best-Laid Plans Often Go Awry (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7945

Updated: 2019-04-27 20:07

Irritated, Edgar furrowed his eyebrows and wondered, 'How could serious matters happen all at the same time?'

With a piercing look, he ended the call after telling Director Huang to find Daniel as soon as possible, or turn to the police for help if needed. After hanging up, he closed his eyes and leaned back against his chair. Thinking things over again, he felt something was wrong. If the business matter of the Dragon Empire was related to the politics in Dragon Island, he could merely regard it as a political ploy. However, it was quite a strange coincidence that such mishap happened along with many other matters that had nothing to do with Dragon Island.

Suddenly, everyone got involved by this chain of unexpected events and became busy. It was like a good hand dealt in a gamble which was messed up and the scheduled good ending turned unknown.


At Brian's villa, Molly sat on pins and needles after he left home. Bored with nothing to do, she washed the dishes, got changed and left the house. She decided to take a walk around a lake nearby. After aimlessly walking for quite some time, she felt exhausted and rested on a bench. Deep on her thoughts, she stared blankly at the people passing by.

For a long time, she sat there, devoured by her thoughts. Suddenly, her phone rang and snapped her out of her trance. Fishing out her phone from her bag, she glanced at the number and answered it hurriedly, "Bri!" Her eyes started to brighten.

"Where are you now?" Brian asked flatly from the other end of the call. Curious by the tone of his voice, Molly immediately answered, "I'm near the center of the lake."

"Are you back now?" looking around, Molly continued.

"Yes." said Brian, "Stay there and I'll come get you."

Brian didn't hang up on her. They kept talking on the phone until he saw her from a distance. At the sight of her looking at him, he ended the call.

"Have you finished your work?" she asked. With her eyes glimmering as the sun hit them, she stared at him just like a child who had been left behind.

Upon hearing her question, he shook his head lightly, "Not yet. I might become very busy today but I thought that you might feel bored at home, so I came to pick you up. Stay with me today, okay?"

Molly felt a bit puzzled. Brian had never had her around when he was working. She wondered why he broke his habit today

"Good job, Addison! The Group C is the first to get gathered. Therefore, your group will lead the class today!"

Being praised by the teacher with her sweet voice, Mark merely nodded, smiling in reply. He then led the whole class and walked towards the canteen. As Mark moved around the campus, the strangers lurking at the school also moved with him secretly. They pretended to be the staff members of the school and tried to follow him as closely as possible, making sure not to let other students feel anything unusual. With the children's innocent minds, only the teachers realized what was actually going on.

After lunch, the children enjoyed a half-an-hour noon break where they were free to do anything they wanted. After playing with his classmates, Mark headed to the restroom. For him, everything seemed normal.

As soon as he went inside, a man who pretended to be a staff member stood at the entrance of the restroom. Listening to the joyful noises of the children coming from the outside, he wore a poker face and looked around with his sharp gaze.

Without any idea, Mark went out and washed his hands after answering the call of nature. As he stood in front of the wash basin, he paid a casual glance at a cleaner standing beside him. Feeling like something was off, he tilted his head and stared at the man. The man wore a cleaner's uniform and a mask so that nobody could see his face, including Mark. However, as he continued to stare at the man, he felt like the man's eyes looked familiar.

With knitted brows, Mark asked with confusion, "Uncle Daniel?"

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