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   Chapter 582 Even The Best-Laid Plans Often Go Awry (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7381

Updated: 2019-04-27 20:03

"You're aware of how much money the Dragon Empire has invested here, and you must know what the result will be if the project fails," Brian said enigmatically. The director nodded his head agitatedly. Brian's mouth curled slightly before continuing," I'll provide any amount of money and people to you if you need, and I hope to see the results I'm expecting. Do you understand?"

"Yes, absolutely!" The director's face paled at the invisible pressure radiating from Brian. His clothes were wet from sweat and he shivered when a sudden breeze blew through him.

The situation in A City was no less strenuous than that in QY Island. Eric had spent a whole night analyzing the reports from those companies intending to cooperate with Dragon Empire and chose the best ones. However, before he could announce his choice, all of those companies unanimously canceled their proposals. Both Eric himself and the public were astounded by this fact because the opportunity to cooperate with the Dragon Empire Group was something most companies would dream of. Once a company become affiliated with Dragon Empire Group, it is almost sure that the stock price of that company would rocket up the next day.

When Shirley noticed the serious looks on Richie and Eric's faces, she changed her mind about going to school. After preparing them a cup of tea, she sat quietly and unobtrusively listened to their talks about the sudden matters. From the very beginning, they had predicted that the opposition factions in Dragon Island would take some actions before the parliamentary meeting. However, they didn't expect that something would go wrong in QY Island especially when Brian was there himself. Not to mention the project in A city which was sure of being a success suddenly came to naught. Most strangely, nothing happened in Dragon Island where the parliament meeting was about to take place. This was indeed a typical diversionary tactic.

"There's one company which hasn't canceled its cooperating proposal," Eric said. "However, the scale of that company isn't big enough, and it might not be able to meet our production demands." He finished, handing over the files to Richie.

Richie took the files from E

pon getting connected. "Mr. Mayor, I have to inform you that…" the director paused, letting out a heavy sigh and continued, "that, that Daniel has escaped."

Feeling that the call was not up for something good, Edgar still furrowed heavily upon knowing what it was all about. "When did it happen?" said Edgar with a heavy tone.

"At around five o'clock, when the night watchers got shifted. I apologize Mr. Mayor. This was totally beyond our expectation." The director was having cold sweats, not knowing how Edgar would react to the news.

"Director Huang, tell me, how could a little boy with an ordinary background easily escape from your center? Aren't you and your people competitive enough? Tell me, should I ask the Police Bureau to remove you?"

Feeling distressed, the director condemned the little boy in his mind. 'What a damn boy! He's just a nobody without any background. Yet, the CEO of the Dragon Empire Group had sent him here, and you, the Mayor, had paid him special attention. Just who is he to mess everything up? What a fucking boy!'

Despite his resentment, he could only swallow his distress, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Mayor. Please forgive us this time…"

But even before he could finish, "Do you now have any clue of his whereabouts?" interrupted Edgar. Starting to get annoyed from the director's apologies, he now craved for actions.

After a pause, Mr. Huang replied, "No, not yet. But rest assured we'll bring him back in no time."

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