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   Chapter 581 Even The Best-Laid Plans Often Go Awry (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7926

Updated: 2019-04-27 05:45

Brian lapsed into silence when he heard that Daniel had escaped from the jail.

He asked quietly, "When did it happen?"

"Last night."

"Didn't I specifically order you to be vigilant with him?"

The calmness in Brian's voice was ominous.

"We did, but he was not alone. They executed a careful plan, and the people who helped him escape were very thorough. According to the information we've got, he had escaped with the help of other addicts in the drug addiction treatment center."

"Okay, I see."

Brian said brusquely. He had figured out what had happened. He realized that Black Widow was behind Daniel's escape. Since most of the drug addicts in A City got their supply from Black Widow, they were all under her thumb. They had sacrificed their dignity and self-esteem for drugs. Black Widow controlled these drug dependents like a puppet. They would do anything for her no matter what, and jailbreaking Daniel was an easy task.

"Did you inform Eric about this?" Brian asked. "Yes, I did," replied the person on the other end, "but he was delayed by some other affairs and didn't have the time to look into Daniel's escape."

"What?" Brian frowned. "What delayed him?"

"The business groups who were interested in cooperating with Dragon Empire's cosmetics production lines canceled their project proposals all of a sudden."

Brian's jaw clenched and a hint of coldness flashed through his eyes before becoming placid. He answered flatly, "I know it now."

After he hung up the phone, Molly, who was listening quietly to his conversation, asked him worriedly, "What happened?"

"It's nothing serious." Brian returned without emotion.

Seeing that Brian had no intention of telling her about the call, Molly didn't push him for answers. They continued eating their breakfast, then Brian's phone rang again.

With a frown, Brian took the call and put the phone near his ear. Tony's voice came from the other end, "Mr. Brian Long, there's some trouble with the entertainment center."

Brian listened attentively, his face becoming hard. "I'll be right there," he said in a cold voice and cut off the line. Turning to Molly, he blinked his eyes slightly before saying, "Molly, I'm sorry I can't take you out today. Something has come up at the entertainment center. I need to go and deal with it."

"Is it serious?" Molly frowned concerne

Group and the Dragon Island was an open secret to the world. The parliament meeting which was set to happen this year was predicted to be a handover ceremony of its leader. The current accident seemed disadvantageous to the candidate for its governor.

"The matter is currently under investigation and we are in no position to give accurate reply to the public for now," The Project Director replied diplomatically. "However, we can assure you that the parliament meeting will not be influenced by such an event."

After delivering his statement, his secretary and assistants helped him walk through the crowd. They ignored the microphones pointed at them and stepped into the entertainment center. The director was informed that Brian was already there, and he quickly walked up to him. Brian was standing with his back against him and his hands in his pockets. The rigid set of his back gave the director a sinking feeling in his heart.

"Mr. Brian Long," the director greeted respectfully.

Brian acknowledged the director with a short tilt of his head before saying brusquely, "Contact the equipment supplier and replace the equipment destroyed as soon as possible, then make an assessment of loss and send it to me." Brian turned around fully and fixed his cold gaze at the director. "You know how to do these things, don't you?"

The director swallowed hard and replied, "Of course, Mr. Brian Long. Don't worry, I will handle it."

Brian nodded in reply. Staring at his poker face, the director felt his heart beat rapidly and his throat constricted in anxiety.

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