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   Chapter 580 Jealousy Stems From Comparison (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7368

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Dragon Empire Group planned to march into the cosmetic industry. They tried before but they didn't really invest much. But since the Group had the lion's share of the market, the only way they could go now is to uncharted territory and that included cosmetics.

Ding dong!

the doorbell rang. Eric frowned a bit with no idea who the visitor might be. He stood up, looked through the peephole, then opened the door. "Uncle Richie," he called.

"Umm," Richie stepped in. Eric closed the door and stared at Richie nervously. He was a bit afraid of him if he were being honest. Richie threw a look at him and Eric put on a robe out of embarrassment. "Uncle Richie, it's so late. What are you doing still up?" he said easily.

"I was dealing with some business," Richie said as he sat on the sofa.

Eric poured Richie a glass of wine, and sat in front of him, "And what brings you here?"

"How are things with the parliament?" Richie took a sip and said, "This year was different. Frank was supposed to step down, and you're the only one in the Long family who's in the National Congress. If you mess this up, the whole country's going to blow up into pieces."

"People against our family have been mobilizing for a while—it worked for a while but I still don't think they can turn things around," Eric said earnestly.

"It's good to be confident," Richie looked detached, his eyes sharp and twinkling, "But don't underestimate your opponents."

"I understand," Eric was certainly aware what would happen if the succession went wrong and he wasn't the next ruler. Even if the Long family didn't lose all control, it would still affect their power, and that would make things difficult for them. This was exactly why Brian, instead of going to Las Vegas, went to QY Island. After all, the market there was huge. If it was ever undermined, his company would suffer great losses.

Richie nodded. Now that Brian took over XK Intelligence Agency, he certainly wouldn't be coming back to Dragon Island. Besides, he was too free-loving to being bound by the National Congress, thus making Eric the only possible successor. Every party involved wanted to take a chance and overthrow the leadership

now you're playing victim? Now you treat me like nothing? Is it because of Molly? Okay, let's see how would you feel when the one you care so much starts to suffer. '

Her chilliness and ruthlessness wafted through the air. A woman would go crazy when they became jealous. And while very few of them ever acted on it, if they do, things could become very ugly and unpredictable.


It was sunny in QY Island. Molly also felt great. She woke up early to prepare breakfast. After a while, the meal was ready. Meanwhile, Brian was also packing his stuff before he went downstairs. They were sweet and happy just like any other couple in a honeymoon.

"Mark just rang me up and asked when we would come back." Molly reported while poured Brian a glass of milk.

"The day after tomorrow," Brian replied, "I still have some unfinished work to do."

Surprised, Molly gaped at Brian.

Brian explained, "Eric's a bit tied up recently. I have to help him deal with the things of the playground."

Every night after Molly was sound asleep, Brian would get off bed and start working, but Molly had no idea.

Molly nodded as she held her glass of milk. 'So we go out and our days are pretty much filled from dawn to dark. How did he squeeze his work in?' Molly thought.

Suddenly the phone rang, snapping her out of her trance. Brian put his glass down and glanced at the screen before putting the call through. "Mr Brian, Daniel has escaped," the voice said.

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