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   Chapter 579 Jealousy Stems From Comparison (Part One)

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"Who won?"

Aaron asked.

No one answered. Ken and Tony exchanged looks.

They were both wearing strange expressions on their faces.

Aaron frowned at this—while he can't say for Tony but for Ken at least, his look told Aaron that there was going to be a problem.

Tony answered, "Mr. Brian, Hanson asked me to tell you that he has to leave today but he'll be back to meet you tomorrow. As for the stakes, he said he didn't want to talk about it."

Brian nodded and left right away as if he was already expecting all of this to happen. It was late at night. Under normal circumstances, Mol would be sound asleep by now.

Brian wasn't really interested in who won in this closed game. He just heard from Shawn that Hanson was here and wanted to play against Chester. What he really wanted was Hanson. Hanson had a lot of talents and for cases like this, Brian either recruited people like Hanson or destroyed them.

Hanson wasn't born rich but he thought highly of himself. He hated it when others looked down on him. If you wanted to win him over, you'd better wield both the carrot and the stick.

"Bri, who won?" Molly asked curiously on the way back.

"I don't know."

"What happened?"

"They never revealed the result."

Molly furrowed her brows—she couldn't understand things like that but she didn't press for more questions.

In fact, nobody ever found out what happened. But after that game, Chester never cheated in formal games and Hanson resigned from the team. It's worth mentioning, though, that Chester later got an apprentice who wasn't so gifted but was able to deal with some occasions as long as masters like Hanson weren't there as well. It was also this disciple that later became quite a headache for Brian. Later Hanson would work for Brian. But his quirky personality prevented him from getting along with other employees of Brian. In the end, he just shuttled around the Grand Night Casino across the world.

Brian addressed the problem of Chester rather quickly. But it wasn't so fast considering the fact that he had been preparing for today after the Vegas incident. The only suspense was whether he could get Hanson to show up.

With the Chester issue resolved, the rest wouldn't be his concern any more. As the future ruler of Dragon Island, Eric was supposed to wipe out al

losed with hotel staff running in and out. They all greeted Eric when they saw him. When the elevator reached his floor, he took his time walking out and going to his suite.

The lights were already open in Eric's suite as Lenny was already in the balcony. When the door opened, she turned around and greeted Eric, "Young Master."

"How're things there?" Eric headed to the table and poured himself a glass of water.

"We've identified the person but we don't have damning evidence yet," Lenny answered, "This won't be an easy year for the parliament."

Eric sneered, his eyes turned solemn, "They just like to stir up trouble every few years or so."

"But we can't get rid of them," Lenny said shrewdly.

Eric put down the glass, tossed his tie aside and took off his suit. As he walked to the bathroom, he ordered, "Lenny, go to the Blue Island and discuss the parliament proceedings with the general director. Keep me updated."

"Yes, sir." Then Eric walked into the bathroom and started showering. Lenny gazed at the closed door for a moment, then left the room.

When Eric had finished showering, he stepped out with only a bath towel wrapped around his muscular body. Some of his wet hair stuck to his face. He seemed absolutely alluring.

He walked to the minibar and poured some wine. Then he took the glass to the desk where his computer was. He sat down and turned it on and typed a few things. Within minutes, a few files popped up all containing information about the bosses of all the giant cosmetic companies in A City.

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