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   Chapter 578 Skill of Controlling People (Part Three)

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Suddenly, Chester felt as if someone was looking at him. He turned around and sighted Hanson among the crowd. They looked at each other as a playful smile both formed on their lips. After which, they raised their glasses of wine to each other, their smile just growing and growing. Both of them downed the glass in one gulp and started to walk towards one another.

"Chester, long time no see!" Hanson greeted him with a smile. "Our master's been in poor health lately but he still keeps talking about you."

"Is that so?"

Chester smiled. "So what are you doing here if our master is sick? Won't he get mad?"

"Even you're not afraid, why should I be?" Hanson sad lightly. "He's banned me for twenty years. The earlier he dies, the earlier I'll be free."

"How can you be so detached? Our master loves you!"

"He loves me just as much as he loves you," Hanson said slowly. "Otherwise, why would he make a rule tailor-made for you and me?"

"Haha!" Chester guffawed, "Hanson, it seems that we've both been waiting for this day for a long time."

Hanson nodded. Then the smile on his face started to fade away as he spoke slowly, emphasizing each word, "Yes, Chester, I believe we've waited far too long."

"Since you've both waited long enough and the table is already ready, why don't you start the game now?"

a cold voice suddenly interrupted them. Neither Hanson nor Chester turned to see who was interrupting them. Instead, they were staring each other down. When the God of Gambling accepted them as disciples, the first thing he had ever told them was that there was no room for mutual affection in gambling. There could be only one winner, one loser, and absolutely no place for sympathy.

"I want it to be a closed game, please," Chester said slowly.

Hanson didn't respond to him and just kept staring into his eyes. He looked at Brian who hadn't said a word yet too, "Mr. Brian Long, I agree. Closed game, please."

Throughout this whole conversation, Brian's face remained expressionless—he didn't even flinch. He looked at Chester briefly. When the atmosphere had st


A faint smile played on Aaron's lips when he heard this—he suddenly understood what Brian meant when he was talking about Hanson.

Hanson had used to be a beggar until the God of Gambling had adopted him. Eventually, he started getting more and more money until he got to where he was today. However, he still longed for one thing and that was someone to care for him, out of respect.

Aaron chuckled lightly. He had always admired Brian not just for his capability but also how well he could manipulate others.

"Aren't you afraid that Hanson might lose?" Aaron asked. "If Chester wins, I fear that might be a lot of trouble."

"Even if Hanson loses, he's still there, isn't he?" Brian answered in a low voice.

Aaron lowered his eyes with a smile. He understood what Brian meant and shifted to another topic of conversation.

As time passed by, the party eventually drew to an end. Brian and Aaron were discussing the development of QY Island when Brian suddenly stopped talking. His eyes were directed at the garden house where Molly and Ximena could be sighted laughing.

Aaron turned his gaze to the garden house too—he scowled when he saw Ximena.

While the two men looked over to the garden house, Ken and Tony approached them. Ken said, "Your highness, Mr. Brian, the game is over."

The two men withdrew their sight and looked at Ken. Aaron asked him, "Who won


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