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   Chapter 577 Skill of Controlling People (Part Two)

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"I just came here and it already doesn't smell too good," came a voice with a slightly mocking tone. The person sat opposite to Brian and Molly, "Mr. Brian, I'm afraid I was too late to watch the show?"

Brian didn't even look up but Molly did. She saw Hanson who was clad in a gray suit and black shirt, sitting opposite to them. He looked clean and crisp now like before when he was at the Grand Night Casino—unlike this morning, when he had just woken up and had't had time to fix himself. He looked cunning with his hair resting on part of his face concealing some parts of his eyes. His lips were slightly parted as if forming a twisted plan—he was good-looking to say the least.

"Aaron's getting ready downstairs," Brian said as he put some diced mango on Molly's place, "Chester hasn't arrived yet," he finished.

"Hmm?" Hanson seemed quite surprised, "Is it possible that he won't come even after we told him to?"

Suddenly, Brian raised his eyes to meet Hanson's eyes. He spoke gradually, "I don't like people who think too highly of themselves."

Pursing his lips, Hanson mumbled, "Can't I crack a joke..." He widened his eyes briefly enough that Brian didn't see it then he turned to Molly and said, "Seriously, how can you handle him?"

Molly's hand was midair about to take a mouthful of diced mango. She wasn't expecting that Hanson would talk to her. She froze—unsure what to say.

When Hanson saw that Brian was already glaring at him, he wore a light smile on his face and said to Molly, "I'm gonna get a drink." He stood up and left. As he made his way to the bar, he ran into Aaron and Ximena. When he had already walked past them, he stopped in his tracks, frowned, and looked back. He didn't remove his sight until Aaron and Ximena was already sitting down o

as possible."

"If he's no use to me then what else is his life worth for?" the voice was cold and harsh as if it had never spoke of good things before.

As soon as Chester stepped into hotel territory, Aaron was informed right away. While nobody had said that there was going to be a game, it was almost an unspoken rule in the community. The God of Gambling had once said that his disciples should never play against each other. He made this a rule so his disciples shouldn't and wouldn't violate it.

Chester looked around the hotel nonchalantly. Then he picked up a glass of wine from one of the waiters carrying a tray.

When the man came up to him and asked him to deal with the Grand Night Casino, he had said yes immediately. He had never had a problem with Brian and he had only agreed because this might be his only chance to play against Hanson without their master getting involved. One kingdom can't have two kings. When he had won so much money in the Grand Night Casino in Las Vegas, he made Shane feel helpless which only led Hanson to understand what his intention really was. So as expected, when he had come to the Grand Night Casino, a game was scheduled right away.

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