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   Chapter 576 Skill of Controlling People (Part One)

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A qualified leader must have the capability to control people.


"Bri..." Molly spoke as she raised her head to look at him. At that moment, she wasn't thinking about whether what Brian said was true or not but it was clear that Brian was siding with her on this one; tolerating her, one might even say.

"Mr. Brian Long ?" Aaron said, slightly frowning.

Brian slowly raised his eyes that were filled with rage. Tony walked towards Brian quickly telling him about the family of each of these women. After listening intently to Tony, Brian looked at the woman with cake on her face and said to Tony, "Anyone I don't want to see in QY Island anymore should be gone in three days," he said simply.

Tony looked at the woman too and responded, "Yes, sir!"

"Mr. Brian Long," Aaron repeated, "Could you let this go for my sake?"

Brian didn't respond but his face had darkened. But it was clear in Aaron's words—these women picked a fight with people they shouldn't have messed with.

Molly pressed her lips as she didn't expect that the matter at hand was so serious. She didn't know if all of these people really understood what Brian meant. But she did—it meant that Brian was going to ruin their lives either their families would suddenly go bankrupt or their companies would. Either way, the end result was the same: they weren't going to be part of this exclusive community anymore.

Aaron quickly glanced at Molly when he saw that Brian wasn't going to make a consideration. He turned his gaze towards the woman with cake on her face and ordered, "Zoe, take responsibility for what you did. Apologize to Mrs. Long now!"

Zoe turned her face to the side oblivious of how grave the situation was, but when she saw the look on Aaron's face, she was frozen in place. Her eyes had turned red, and her mouth was pressed tightly.

"Aaron, please don't blame Zoe," Vivi said in a waxy voice, with tears in her eyes, looking at Aaron. "It was all

. Her hands were wrenched into fists and she even raised her chin slightly as an act of defiance. To Ximena, Aaron had to understand that she was hurt by what had happened and he should be empathizing with her not scolding her.

"Ken, take Zoe to get changed. Then drive her along with Vivi back home," Aaron demanded. Both Zoe and Vivi didn't expect this from Aaron. "I don't care who was right or wrong but I should remind you that you picked a fight with the wrong people!" he bellowed when he saw that Zoe and Vivi weren't budging. Aaron paused before continuing, "Now even I have to be careful around him. You behave yourselves from now on!" Then he looked at Ximena and said, "Follow me!"

He turned around and left, while Ximena took a deep breath before following his footsteps. Although people glared at her as she walked past them, she didn't give them any notice remaining upright and unafraid in her stance.

Meanwhile, at the rest area, Brian ignored the people who were eyeing them. Instead, he focused on getting Molly to eat—he was filling up her plate with the food that Tony had brought. When he saw that Molly had finished everything, he refilled her plate right away. By the end, he found the situation more interesting than anything and there was a faint smile placing on his lips.

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