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   Chapter 575 A Fight (Part Three)

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Molly's beauty wasn't the type that you appreciated right away - she wasn't stunning at first glance. She was pure like unprocessed crystal - she shone in light colors. But tonight, the shade of her blue dress perfectly complemented her pure beauty as if she was a fair. She spoke in a measured voice veiled by calmness. Everyone stared at her as if they were listening to a goddess.

Ximena turned sideways to watch Molly as she spoke. She thought Molly only responded when she was under attack. But right now, as she spoke, there was a hint of slyness in her eyes like she was a predator lurking and planning her attack—it was as if she'd just been waiting for enemies to approach, ready to take them down.

The woman with cake on her face suddenly realized something. They picked a fight with Ximena when she was with a woman whom they'd never seen before. They had no idea who Molly was, but just thought she must have been an ordinary actress coming here with some dandy. So they didn't think such an actress who came here to seek any opportunities would stand up for Ximena. And the man she must have come with must not approve of what Molly was doing. After all, every girl in their group came from a prominent, wealthy family.

"Who are you?" she asked, her mouth quivering, "Don't you know who I am? How bold of you to fight back! Don't you know what you're in for your rudeness?"

"Oh? What is it?" Molly sneered. She held her face in the same cold way that Brian held his, "I wonder what's going to happen," Molly taunted.

Ximena remained silent, keeping a wary eye on the situation. Actually, she didn't mind being spoken ill of by those women. It's not like it was the first time because she knew that was how almost everyone saw her anyway. She had already grown a tough shell from having heard so many terrible things said about her. She let them slide off as if they meant nothing. These bored and shallow women wouldn't stop until they got the satisfaction that they wanted. But when they began insulting Molly, that was when she snapped. Aaron, she assumed, valued his relationship with Brian because he took the courtesy of welcoming him in person. And since this was so, she fought back for Molly. Besides, this whole thing only happened because of her feud with Vivi.

"Apologize to Ximena!" As Ximena's mind raced, she heard Molly demand an apology on her behalf. Ximena gazed at Molly who was glaring at Vivi's friends with sheer determination. "Apologize to Ximena right now and I'll

d Mr. Brian Long's wife in the mud? Are you crazy?' He could not help but sneer those silly women secretly in his heart.

"Bri... I..." Molly stammered, ashamed of her actions.

Brian looked at Molly tenderly and then turned his gaze at the group of women—he was glaring them down.

"Who hurt my wife?" Brian asked severely—each word rung in the air and no one was speaking as they were too terrified.

Even though Brian was more good-looking than Aaron, the woman with the cake on her face still didn't know who he was and she didn't think that he was powerful and wealthy as he really was—she underestimated him. In addition to that, he was so young and he came along with Aaron whom she thought would help her. So she confessed boldly, "I did it. Your wife threw cake at me. What a shallow bitch... Ouch!"

She cried before she finished talking as Aaron had slapped her across the face. That startled everyone who was watching. She was Aaron's half-sister after all.

Even though Aaron had plotted against the Leng family, he still treated his half-sister well. While it was true that she was arrogant and often unreasonable, she still knew right from wrong, especially in a gathering like this. But she was acting so crazy today and the trouble she was starting was unbelievable.

Brian's eyes deepened. He spoke in a measured tone while everyone was frozen in shock, "Cake? She can throw anything she wants. She can throw away money if she likes; or she can choose to shut down companies if she likes. She can do whatever pleases her."

While the statement sounded as if Brian was exaggerating, no one doubted that Molly really could do all of those things.

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