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   Chapter 574 A Fight (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7240

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"Wow, who's that woman?"

someone's voice suddenly asked. Ximena body's stiffened at the sound. But the embarrassed look on her face was gone as soon as it came. She went back to picking food from the buffet as if nothing had happened.

"Wow, wow..." A woman cast a look at Molly and moved her mouth to the direction of Ximena. "A sparrow will never become a phoenix. Well, someone must have felt happy for having caught herself a rich man in exchange for her body."

The group of women that she was with started giggling when she finished talking. Their laughter was that of mockery.

Molly frowned. She looked at the group of women, and then at Ximena, who was standing casually by her side and was picking a piece of mousse cake into her plate. She was acting like she didn't hear anything.

Molly admired her for her composure and courage. Stay calm in the middle of a storm! That is not easy at all! How do we take cruel words with just a grain of salt? Ximena definitely knew how. Molly turned to look at the women again. They were enraged by the fact that Ximena was just ignoring them. Their face twisted into a grimace.

"Ximena, what a bitch!" One woman sneered, "What does it feel like to be a snake stealing Aaron from Vivi? It must be nice to be the other woman, huh!"

Then Vivi, probably, piped, "Just let it go. It was no one's fault. I lost him and that's that..." Her voice was soft and weak as if that was all she could muster out. Her eyes were welling up with tears. It was obvious that she was the one that got hurt the most in the love triangle that was her, Aaron, and Ximena.

As if they didn't hear Vivi at all, the group of women just started talking badly of Ximena and Aaron. Ximena was just right here and here they were talking so cruelly about her. Ximena, however, graceful as ever, remained calm. She wasn't looking directly at them but she could definitely hear everything.

Molly looked at Ximena, who had just tightened her grip to the food tongs in her hand. As someone who knew nothing about what was happening, Molly knew to suspend her judgment until further notice. But for some reason, she didn't believe a word

parents would do to their kid. You've got some nerve..."

Her tears finally fell like rivers as she trailed off.

Vivi was cunning in that way because no one had heard how they insulted Ximena and Molly, and now that people had gathered to watch the scene, here she was making Ximena look worse. What's more, the people even saw Ximena slap a piece of cake into one of Vivi's friends. The crowd was buzzing when Vivi started talking about her parents. Now the people were judging Ximena and were taking Vivi's side, pitying them.

It seemed that everyone had some idea about Ximena's past with Aaron because, unlike Vivi and her friends, Ximena was new to this crowd. Of course, these other rich people were going to side with their fellow rich people who, in this case, was Vivi.

"Ximena, weren't you originally dating Aaron's brother? So, what? You just left him out of nowhere so you can slide into Aaron's bed after finding out he was cut off by his family? You're nothing if not a whore, Ximena!" The woman with cake on her face cried furiously.

"Madam, if I were you, I'd be at the restroom by now cleaning myself up. You look awful," Molly said simply. "Please stop yelling. You look crazy. Is this what your parents taught you? The people here may choose your side because they already know you and they think you're a well-mannered girl. But let me tell you, those who don't know you will think you're the exact opposite."

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