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   Chapter 573 A Fight (Part One)

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A true man will always stand by and support the woman he loves no matter what - even if it's her fault or not.

QY Island was open to anybody. It was a paradise of fun and pleasure as a lot of clubs were open all night till dawn. Tourism and the entertaining industry were the major economic sources here. Because it contributed so much to the country's economy, the government just conveniently turned a blind eye to the shady business on the island.

Leng's Corporations was going to hold a commercial cocktail party in the LW Hotel. It would be the first one held by Aaron since he had regained his control of Leng's Corporation by making use of his dominating power in the government. As a bastard, Aaron was cruel and ruthless. He had used every kind of filthy method on earth to retrieve his power in Leng's Corporations in just four years.

The cocktail party was to be held in the Dream of Luxury, the best one among the four renowned theme restaurants in the hotel. It was also the one most difficult to reserve in spite of its costliest price among the four. The restaurant consisted of two parts, the ship-shaped dining hall above ground and the underground dining hall with a transparent screen that curved 180 degrees to partition the restaurant from the sea water. The screen was made of a shock-proof and bullet-proof hard glass that was 20 centimeters in thickness. The whole interior was painted in white decorated with different shades of blue. With the help of romantic colorful lights and a variety of fish swimming outside the screen, visitors would have a feeling of dining under the sea. It resembled wonderlands so much that it seemed that time slowed down in there.

A long and fancy limousine slowly came to halt at the entrance of the hotel. A bellboy approached and opened the car door. A long leg stretched out first, the polished shoe glimmering in the sunshine. Numerous cameras flashed when its master finally stepped out. But the bodyguards were swift in hiding the man's face from view before any reporter could get a picture of it.

Brian lowered himself a little to reach out for Molly's hand. Despite his cold exterior, Molly gave him a gentle smile. The corners of her mouth lifted and her lips looked luscious as on it was a sheer layer of lip gl

say "Mr. Brian Long's wife." She nodded at Ximena with a smiling face and said, "Just call me Molly."

"Okay, Molly," Ximena said, smiling. She nodded at Molly as well. Her tone was quite courteous, neither too warm nor too aloof, "You can call me Ximena."

Now that the niceties were over it was time for Brian and Aaron to get to business. Brian obviously went here for a reason. While he didn't tell Molly about this specifically, she still knew. Brian waived Molly off. He told her to entertain herself first and eat something while he talked with Aaron in private. Molly nodded, then he and Aaron stalked off. Aaron gave the same reminders to Ximena.

Ximena stared at Aaron walking away until he finally disappeared into the crowd. Her lips curled as if she was upset. But she immediately shifted her expression when she turned to look at Molly, "Let's go find a table where we can eat."

Molly nodded. As a guest, she knew to always accept the hostess' offer—that was basic courtesy. Besides, she was hungry anyway. Both she and Brian were busy that afternoon that they hadn't had a chance to eat something.

They made their way towards the buffet table which was laid out with a variety of food. They picked up a plate and selected from the food, remaining silent the whole time. Since this was their first time meeting one another, no one spoke or initiated anything. Molly wasn't good at talking to strangers and Ximena seemed to be upset about something. They just smiled whenever their eyes would meet.

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