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   Chapter 572 Sometimes Disappointment Could Turn Into Happiness (Part Three)

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Many patients of the hospital also came to bask in the sun. Spark stared at them absent-mindedly. When a couple went by, laughing and talking intimately, he instinctively turned to stare at them until the couple disappeared from his sight.

For Manny, it was unbearable to see Spark this way. But he had no other options. Manny had done everything he could think of to help Spark. He scolded him and persuaded him. But the musician refused to listen. The only way to treat anxiety was to confront or covet the very thing or person causing the patient's depressed state. But at this point, it wasn't likely for Spark's condition to be treated because he could never have the person he desired.

From a nurse, Harrow learned that Spark had gone to the hospital garden. After finishing his business with Emp, he went out to look for him. Harrow stood a long time at the corner of the path watching Spark chase after intimate couples with his eyes. All of a sudden, Harrow felt a sharp, stabbing pain.

After taking a deep breath to ease the pain, he approached Spark and Manny. He handed the insulation barrel containing the tonic diet to Manny, who glanced at Spark. Sadly, he shook his head in resignation before reaching for the insulation barrel in Harrow's hand. Spark pretended not to see Harrow. Two days ago, he felt disgusted after seeing Harrow. Now, he felt better even seeing him, or maybe he no longer cared about the person at all.

If Spark chose to behave like the living dead through his future to escape his past, Manny would rather have the violinist ponder about his past with hatred and resentment the rest of his life and live, not just exist.

"Molly's been away for several days," Harrow spoke in a low voice. The mention of Molly's name only rubbed salt on Spark's injury. Harrow chose to ignore Spark's sudden shaking and continued, "Has she ever expressed concern for you after she left the last time?" There was no reaction. "Has she ever said even a single word to you?"

Spark gave Harrow a wicked look. He was red-cheeked with fury. But the rage didn't last. He controlled himself and turned to look at the pedestrians while vowing to turn a blind eye to Spark.

"You let her go, yet you still can't control yourself," he accused. Now flustered and exasperated, Harrow declared, "You look

ding Spark. At the same time, it also seemed as though Eric was stimulating Spark, by pushing him in the pit.

Harrow was extremely concerned about Spark. He knew a lot about Mr. Eric Long and his brother, Mr. Brian Long, including their love for Molly. In his opinion, Eric might take advantage of Spark by persuading him to separate Brian and Molly, for his own interest.

Staring into Spark's eyes, Eric turned to walk away, leaving Spark, Manny, and Harrow behind, each one lost in their thoughts. Eric stalked coolly and didn't look back at the three until Lenny drove off and the hospital disappeared from sight.

Eric was so jealous when Little Molly asked him to take care of Spark. If there were none of the so-called political constraints four years ago, Eric could've accompanied Little Molly. But would it have made any difference? Would she have treated Eric better than others?

'Spark, I hope you will be better soon, not only to help assuage the guilt Molly feels for you, but also for your own health. After all, you're being cared for by the person you love, right?

Me? I have nothing!'

As the car sped through the streets, Eric tilted his head to the left and watched things and people outside the vehicle retreating rapidly, as grief flashed in his eyes.

He sniffled. 'Little Molly, I will work hard and try to become a man as powerful as my brother Brian. When you get hurt and seek a safe harbor, I hope I will be the first man you think of.

I will be grateful, even if you only need a substitute for Brian!'

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