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   Chapter 571 Sometimes Disappointment Could Turn Into Happiness (Part Two)

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Brian's offer made Hanson hum again as he started scheming in his mind. The man was determined to regain his freedom. All of a sudden, he thought Brian wasn't too bad, and it wouldn't be such a hardship to work for him after the offer for another chance. Brian's words diminished any feelings of hostility. Hanson was even okay to work for the man. It never occurred to Hanson that his attitude would delay the moment when he could bet against Brian in the future because he was reluctant to follow his commands. Brian treated him with disdain because of this attitude, which Hanson resented. From then on, it just became harder for them to get along.

Molly listened quietly to the exchange between the two men. Her attention was fully drawn to Brian and Hanson while she kept eating everything on her plate, including food Brian gave her. The girl had no idea how much she had consumed until her stomach felt very full. Then it dawned on Molly that she had finished two breakfasts, hers and Brian's. Startled, she raised her head to look at Brian with rosy cheeks and stammered, "Ah, I'm sorry to tell you that..." Brian interrupted her with a smile, "I didn't eat my breakfast?"

There was still a hint of icy in his tone when he added, "I'm glad you liked the food. I get full just watching you eat." Although Brian still looked a bit distant, his tone had softened when addressing Molly unlike when he spoke to Hanson.

She couldn't help but blush at his words. 'What nonsense! He treats me as if I were a child. He might be hungry. Maybe I should order another breakfast for him, ' Molly thought. Biting her lower lip, she offered, "May I order another breakfast for you?"

He flashed her a grin and shook his head at the offer. Turning to Hanson, he said, "Aaron will be throwing a party tonight. You're coming with me!"

"No!" Hanson said without hesitation.

But Brian completely ignored his reply. Instead, he excused himself to go to the bathroom and stood up.

With Brian out of sight, Hanson transformed into an entirely different person. He jumped over the table like a monkey and landed beside Molly. And there was no mistake that he hopped over one table to get to her quickly.

His action stunned Molly, who looked at the rest of the patrons. She saw most of the guests staring at her and Hanson, and it embarrass


He knew Brian's threat was real, so Hanson was out like a flash. But that wasn't what Molly had in mind. She thought the man was personable enough although a bit flashy, and he wouldn't care about Brian's threat, nor listen to his orders. So it was surprising to see him hastily leaving the restaurant while muttering, "Your treat."

Hanson did manage to look back at Brian with an evil smile as he opened the door of the restaurant before disappearing hastily. And although he was scared off, Hanson was still pleased to learn about the relationship between Brian and Molly, which he found interesting. Obeying Brian would help him solve his problem with Chester. At the same time, he could witness firsthand, a man, who was indifferent outside but passionate inside, chase after a girl. That was a bonus!

While most people were enjoying the sunshine and the sea and every fun adventure available, gloom dominated A City just because of a handful of people.

Spark felt much better today, so he went out of the ward. Accompanied by Manny, he sat at the hospital garden to bathe under the bright sunlight. There was damage to his inner abdomen, the doctor confirmed, caused by severe depression. He also developed pneumonia and other complications after catching a cold and getting a fever after being soaked in the rain. So, his recovery would take some time. He was diagnosed with circumlocution, which in layman's terms means having anxiety attacks. The only way to relieve the condition was to let go of things that were causing him anxiety.

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