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   Chapter 570 Sometimes Disappointment Could Turn Into Happiness (Part One)

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Sometimes, disappointment could also result in happiness. People were often disappointed when their expectations were not satisfied. There were expectations when two people were in love. In this case, as painful as the experience was, the disappointment still brought a certain kind of happiness.


QY Island was very pleasant in the morning when the gentle sea breeze blended with the moisture that was slightly salty, and the heavy fragrance of grass and flowers. It made you forget the city noise that could often be bothersome.

Hanson sat on a wooden chair, casually swinging his legs from side to side. A pair of sunglasses covered his evil eyes so people couldn't see through him. His lips were slightly pursed. At first sight, Hanson didn't appear handsome, but he was of a unique temperament that few people could ignore.

"Sir, your juice and sandwich. Enjoy your breakfast," a waiter said as he placed the order on a white carved wooden table.

Hanson threw a tip to the waiter and dismissed him. Hanson sat up straighter in his chair, then started to gulp down his breakfast in a manner far from elegant. His uncouth manners disappointed the women in the restaurant, who were eyeing him dreamily. They sighed deeply, thinking that not all men having breakfast in the open air restaurant with the view of the sea were perfect. They were probably just nouveau rich!

But Hanson couldn't care less what these women thought about him. He was far different from the steady and calm person who sat at the gambling table and faced Brian. He gobbled up the entire sandwich and took a big gulp of the juice. Meanwhile, Brian kept his poker face with not even his eyelids stirring, when he saw Hanson. Molly's mouth dropped open a little as she tried to reconcile the man she was looking at now with the man who strutted proudly at the gambling table.

Grasping Molly's hand, he pulled her with him as they approached Hanson's table and occupied the table next to his. Brian politely ordered breakfast and then closed his eyes to listen to the morning which provided unique comfort.

He thought Brian would say hello to him, but Hanson was disappointed when all he did was pass by his table.

The thoughtless and arrogant behavior enraged him that he nearly fumed. Hanson was a street kid before becoming an apprentice to the God of Gamblers. Endowed with unusual intelligence, he earned the admiration of

s mouth twisted slightly into a sneer. Confidently, Brian said, "There are very few people who can defeat me." How egotistic! But not many people would criticize or even dislike Brian because he spoke haughtily. The man had earned the right to be arrogant. "Compared to other games, it is more tricky to manipulate roulette," Brian explained.

Hanson, too, had pride. He was reluctant to demean himself by playing tricks when his opponent knew little about gambling, so he chose roulette. He was sure of winning, but unfortunately, things didn't turn out as expected. Hanson had no idea Brian was good at double-hit trick.

"You could have won five games. Why did you let me win?" Hanson asked.

Equally confused as Hanson was Molly. She raised her eyes and was about to ask Brian when he smiled at her, so she kept quiet. Delighted with Hanson's question, he replied, "It would have been hard to make you gamble with yourself and work for me voluntarily if I won all the games, right?"

Hanson was stunned. His beautiful eyes flashed with anger. The man hummed to calm down. The truth was, he figured out Brian's strategy the moment he lost. He had to admit Brian was brilliant. He could not have won if Brian didn't allow him to win. * Figuring out how he lost was one thing. Hearing it verified by Brian is another. And Hanson didn't like it one bit.

And Brian had seen through his resentment. Coldly, he said, "I can give you another chance. When you've resolved the issues between you and Chester, we can bet again. You can leave if you win. As to what the stakes will be, this will be your choice!"

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