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   Chapter 569 A Night To Remember (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7839

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Curious about the lights, she faltered several steps towards the sea. The closer she got, the more nervous she became. She had no idea what caused them, but she was excited to know. She took a halt at about two to three meters from the beach, watching carefully and turning to cast a look on the vast tide. To her surprise, the sparkling blue lights were everywhere. They were visible along the shore as far as her sight could reach, giving it a brilliantly shining outline during the night.

"Are they lamps in the sea?" Molly raised a silly question.

Fully aware of how silly her question was, she became indifferent to the idea, longing for an answer from Brian.

Upon hearing her words, Brian approached nearer. His suit was lazily placed on one of his shoulders and the buttons on his collar were untied, revealing his bronze-colored muscle. Just like Molly, he was barefooted too with his trousers pulled up high. However, the romantic and sweet atmosphere made him veil his usual coldness, different from his usual self. The night might have been cold, but his presence created a warm feeling in Molly's heart.

"They are called fluorescent cuttlefish," he said in a soft tone, responding to her silly question. "They live in the waters near T City and QY Island, besides in Japan. Furthermore, it's rare to see them as they seldom come to the shallow sea. We are lucky to witness this, Mol. They came here to spawn, and they allowed us to see that," Molly listened to Brian's explanation with full attention.

After he finished his words, she looked back at the shining blue lights under the sea water, her eyes sparkling with curious lights. 'Am I lucky?' she thought to herself. All the gifts she had received from Brian were as blue as the ocean - the long skirt, the rose, and the ring. And now, he brought her to witness a sea filled with blue lights consisting of fluorescent cuttlefish.

Thinking about this, Molly's lips curled to flash a brilliant smile. As her smile lit, the Firefly Stone shimmered with pink lights on her chest as well. Brian saw them, her smile and the flashing stone. He was mesmerized by the eluding beauty of the woman beside him. For him, she was as precious as the stone in her chest. Suddenly, a fire ignited in his eyes and the coldness in them melted.

"Thank you, Bri." Molly slightly rai

moment, soon, the kiss stopped. Molly took a deep breath and raised her eyes to look at Brian. But she felt a fervent smell even before she could get to his eyes. This time, the kiss lasted for a long while. All her nerves were permeated in the dreamily sparkling blue lights. It was a romantic moment for her, despite feeling cold because of the cold temperature of the sea at night. Somehow, Brian's kisses were similar to the blue lights. They were as dangerous as an alluring abyss of fantasies. Molly couldn't bring herself to refuse such temptation. All she wanted at that moment was to sink into his love, even if it meant getting smashed into pieces.

Suddenly, a piece of cloud slipped into the dark sky and concealed the moon. Even the Goddess Moon shied away from the intimacy shared by lovers in the mortal world. Waves billowed to send the fluorescent cuttlefish nearer to the shore and then drew them back further. Brian's muscular body thrust rhythmically to the beat of the tide. The rhythms of the lovers' bodies, as well as that of the sea, were certainly the most pleasant melody in the world.

The night became darker as time went by. In the midst of the billowing of the sea were merry moans of two people in love. This remote beach not only witnessed the romantic moment in which the hearts of two lovers yearned for each other, but also the fervent moment where marks of love were etched in both their hearts and bodies.

What a pleasant night indeed to show the sweetness of lovers who had yearned for each other in the longest time.

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