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   Chapter 568 A Night To Remember (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7775

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There was once a beautiful legend about love that says, "If a man brings you to see a sea of fluorescent cuttlefish, then marry him."

This means to say that if a man puts in effort to bring you some romantic moments, then he's definitely worth-keeping.

One night, a mature, seductive woman was seen visit Hannah at her apartment. The woman was known as Black Widow. Seated in front of Hannah, she was spending some time lazily on the sofa, crossing her legs seductively. Her eyes were painted as dark as the night, which would remind you of some dangerous nightly creature. Idly, she looked around and said in a measured tone, "What an ill-fated life! I never imagined that the Song family would be living in such a poor condition after Mr. Song quit his businesses." Moving her charming eyes on Hannah, the sexy woman asked lazily, "I wonder why Miss Song invited me here?"

A disdainful glint flashed in Hannah eyes after she heard her words. However, not a sign of contempt was shown on her face or in her tone. "I was told..." after a pause, Hannah continued, " are wary in selling your things, aren't you?" "It seems you have slowed down and even stopped selling them. How could a professional drug trafficker like you have such a mishap?" she asked while putting on her poker face, pointing out her words back at her.

For a long time, Black Widow had engaged in drug trafficking. As a well-known drug trafficker, she possessed all the qualities fitting for one - ruthlessness, fierceness and sensitiveness. In the underworld, she was one of the best. So it was quite incredible to hear such news about her. From her current situation, she had already guessed why she was called the moment she received Hannah's invitation. Hearing her words, Black Widow paused before asking in an arrogant manner, "Are you interested in my business, Miss Song? Perhaps, do you want to help me disseminate my things?"

"My grandfather had long cut off his association with such dirty things. Everybody knows that." Hannah took a sip of coffee in a graceful manner, keeping her poise. She continued, "Not a single person in our family is allowed to be involved in the drug business, never again. That's a rule set out by my grandfather and everybody in the circle is fully aware of that too."

With her words, clearly, Hann

his former power, in this age, that wouldn't be easy. However, we will continue to pay him respect if he does a good job that will benefit us. But if he doesn't, no one will remember his former reputation. No matter how hard he tries!' she further continued in her mind.

'In today's world, only money is the king.' Black Widow ended, sneering Hannah in her heart.

Despite their heated conversation, on the other hand, Molly felt like the luckiest girl in the world that night. It was indeed a night filled with lots of surprises. A lot of things happened, and they went by so fast that she doubted whether everything was a dream. From the heart-warming birthday dinner to the blue diamond ring, and then to the wedding testimony before God, which was so eccentric but impressive, everything seemed so surreal. And after everything, this romantic moment alone with Brian filled her heart with so much happiness.

Under the moonlight, Molly stood barefooted on the tranquil beach. This place was close to the church, far from the noise and commotion in the casino. As an undeveloped area, only a few people would come during the day and not a single soul could be seen at night. Or probably, it had been made empty because someone wanted to share this tranquil place alone with his beloved.

Still feeling surreal, Molly stared at the waves by the seaside, which reflected faint blue lights under the glint. The sparkling lights fluctuated as the tide rose and ebbed. The dim blue lights all moved at the same time, that they dazzled her eyes.

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