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   Chapter 567 Happy Birthday, Molly (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6319

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"Give me your hand," Brian said, out of the blue. Molly, who was enjoying her special birthday night in her own world, stretched out one of her hands without putting much thought into it.

He placed a velvet box on the palm of her hand. Looking into her eyes, he said slowly, "Open it..."

As she opened the box, her irises expanded. A blue diamond ring lay quietly in the box. She was stunned for a while and then slowly raised her eyes to look at Brian. Brian's usual hard face was softened, while his eyebrows and eyes did not look indifferent as always. In the light reflected by the moon, his eyes shone bright.

Molly bit her lips, looked again at the diamond ring and said, "Bri..."

Brian looked at her with his deep eyes; he wanted to absorb every part of her, completely into his eyes. He swiftly bent to kiss her ear, and said in a low voice, "Mol, you're going to be my wife. This is the promise I give you." When he felt her body shiver, he added, "the diamond on the ring was honored as "the Soul of K". Once you wear it, you will belong to no one other than me."

Like a curse, his words sounded in her ears. She was so flustered that she did not know how to react. She did not know what "the Soul of K" was either, but she figured that it must be a unique promise.

She slowly raised her eyes to look at Brian, who was standing up straight now. When she saw his sculpted handsome face, she felt that this birthday of hers was perfect with no regrets. Even if this was a dream from which she might wake up any time, she still chose to sink into this moment. However, there was no way for her to know if this was a dream or not. She wouldn't know it until she woke up from this beautiful dream later, to be drenched in sadness that could kill her. Painful despair would tell her that love and hatred competed with each other, forming a never ending cycle.

As Molly s

t was his promise to her. As he had put Shirley's Firefly Stone around her neck and had given "the Soul of K" to her personally, he had decided in his mind that this woman would never be allowed to leave him. Even if she dies, she must die in his hand.


At Black Addiction Bar in A City

The high decibel rock 'n' roll pierced into people's ears, while the overwhelming smoke created an illusion of a fairyland. However, this fairyland was listless. Many passionate men and women were putting on erotic plays despite the public nature of the place.

Instead of dressing nobly like a lady as she usually did, Hannah now looked hot in her tight fitting clothes, drawing the attention of every man passing her by. She leaned slightly against the mixed drink table, with a bottle of beer in her hand. She looked at the door of the bar every now and then, as if she was waiting for somebody.

Time passed by. Hannah was nearly out of her patience when a waiter came to her and said in her ear, "Lady Hannah, she is here."

Hannah's eyes lit up with an attractive smile at the corner of her lips. As soon as she saw the person entering the bar, an expression of cruelty flashed across her eyes. But soon, it was replaced by a smile—harmless, yet cold.

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