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   Chapter 566 Happy Birthday, Molly (Part Two)

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Brian nodded, and the waiter slightly bowed and left.

Molly did not pay much attention to the waiter. She suddenly came to the realization that Brian might have booked the whole restaurant on the top floor. Sometimes, he was so extravagant that she wanted to grab him by the throat. But she could not deny that without the disturbance of others on this floor, the peaceful music together with this man made her quite happy.

When Molly's eyes started to blur a little, the melody of the piano and the violin changed into the birthday song. As the music played, the waiter pushed a trolley towards them, on which was a two-layer ice cream cake with dreamlike candle light. He walked towards them to the rhythm of the music.

Molly was dumbstruck as she blankly listened to the melodious birthday song and looked at the cake which was now very close to her. It was not until the cake had stopped in front of her that she looked at Brian with a blank expression.

Looking at the woman in front of him, Brian said slowly with his deep eyes fixed on hers, "At the spring outing in the last year of her middle school, Molly Xia passed by a wishing tree at the entrance of a village. She wrote down a wish on a wishing card..."

Molly's eyes began to water. It seemed that her eyes were so likely to always be filled with tears as long as she was together with this man.

"She wished that someday someone would accompany her to dinner on her birthday, even if there were only two people. She only hoped that the purpose of the meal would be to celebrate her birthday," Brian said in his magnetic voice. "Mol, today is June 27th. It's your birthday. I have booked this entire floor and we're going to have your birthday dinner here, just the two of us."

Molly's eyes were filled with crystal teardrops, but there was a smile at the corner of her mouth. She sobbed, "Thank you, Brian." She sniffed to swallow the teardrops in her eyes. Nobody had ever wanted to celebrate her birthday, and it always seemed like nobody even rem

oughts; he had made snowmen together with her; he had protected her twice by risking his own life, even though she had been nothing more than a sex slave. She hated being a third party between Becky and Brian and never wanted to give her retinas to Becky, but both of that could not be compared with what this man had done for her.

Molly felt like she was being enlightened all of a sudden, after being depressed for so many days. With a seemingly casual, but considerate behavior of Brian, she was well fed. This was the only time that her birthday was celebrated. This was also the only birthday that she had been accompanied by another person instead of being lonely, and that person was not a nobody, but the man she wanted to love forever and the father of her child.

After their dinner, they did not directly return to the villa. Instead, Brian took Molly to enjoy the night view at the seaside fence nearby. As the night wind blew across their faces, the roads at the distance were still flourishing with people and cars. QY Island had long been a developed city. The economic development had been stimulated in the recent years by the operation of the Grand Night Casino, while the investments of the Dragon Empire Group had undoubtedly made it better. Time had passed and circumstances had changed. Everything was different from the past.

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