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   Chapter 564 Asking Him For Pocket Money (Part Three)

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A hint of mockery flashed through Eric's eyes. He thought, 'She's either pretending to be calm or doing it intentionally to catch my attention. It's such a pity, though.' The grin on his face widened.

In contrast to the bustle in the office room, the atmosphere was quiet and peaceful in the garden at the top floor of the Smile Hotel. Under a beach umbrella, two couples chatted away happily. Richie, Shirley, Frank and Smart sat around in a circle, talking to each other merrily.

"Smart, why don't you come see Mark with me?" suggested Shirley, her eyes glittering with excitement.

Every time Smart met Shirley after being away for a while, she found that there was always a brighter light shining in her eyes. It looked like her yearning for the beauty in this world would never diminish despite her growing age. Smart replied while smiling, "Even you are restricted to meet him secretly now. How could I dare come along? I'm afraid that Brian would blame it on us if he failed to capture Molly's heart."

Shirley burst out laughing. Shaking her hand, she looked towards Frank and said without any qualms, "If your son stops messing around between them, my son will surely be able to capture Little Molly's heart."

Frank was dumbfounded by her words. Shedding the usual serious look on his face, he complained to Richie just like he used to do during their younger days, "Richie, is Shirley indirectly saying that my son is better than yours?"

"Hmm..." Richie's gaze deepened as he said slowly, "I won't argue about who is more outstanding between them. However, in this case, only Molly's decision will give us the result, no matter what the boys are capable of."

Shirley and Smart both pondered over Richie's words. A frown appeared on Frank's face, but it quickly turned into a charming smile as he said, "Hey, I was only kidding and you had to go ahead and destroy my joke."

They all burst out laughing, and then Shirley changed the topic.

She asked, "Why

g?" Tony immediately asked.

"Send some money to Mol for me," ordered Brian. He thought for a while and continued, "Also, prepare some loose change for her. She might want to go shopping."

Tony nodded in reply. He noticed Brian's soft tone and his shining eyes. He wondered, 'Why is he so happy about giving her money?'

What Tony didn't know was that Molly had never asked Brian for money before. Brian had given her a credit card, and she had spent a large amount of money when she had gone out with Shirley, but she hadn't done it willingly. However, it was different this time. When Molly asked him for money to buy lunch, Brian felt that she had finally regarded him as her family.

The day quickly passed by. It seemed like days in QY Island were shorter than those in A City, and the sun had gradually sunk into the sea before six o'clock.

Molly was curled up on the sofa, watching news on the TV- a typical couch potato. The news was about the world-class entertainment center of the Dragon Empire Group and she was listening intently to it.

At that moment, she heard the doorbell ringing.

Molly quickly jumped out of the sofa, put on her slippers and rushed to the door.

She opened it and looked at the man waiting outside her door. A hint of disappointment visibly flashed across her eyes.

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