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   Chapter 562 Asking Him For Pocket Money (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-23 14:44

It is an acid test for a woman to ask the man she loves for pocket money casually.


The gamble finally ended after Hanson had left. The square-faced man who had been indifferent to Brian earlier was now flattering him shamelessly, "Hey, buddy! I didn't know that you have such great hidden talent."

Sparing him an indifferent glance, Brian snapped his finger at a waiter. The waiter came up to him and asked respectfully, "How can I help you, sir?"

"Cash in these chips for me," said Brian in a calm voice.

After bowing slightly, the waiter collected the chips from him and rushed to the cashier. Brian didn't pay any attention to the square-faced man. Rubbing his hands awkwardly, the man then turned to his acquaintances and talked to them to defuse his embarrassment.

"Let's go," Brian said, taking Molly's hand after the waiter returned with the check and they left the casino together.

As they walked to the exit, a man sitting at the far corner of the casino looked at Brian with a strange joy. He held up his thumb and index fingers in the shape of a pistol and murmured a 'bang' to himself. As he blew the 'smoking barrel' of his pretend pistol like an old-school cowboy, one corner of his mouth lifted complacently. The look in his eyes was cruel and calculating, like a beast getting ready to pounce on his prey.

Brian and Molly didn't leave through the door they had used to enter the casino. They made their way to a row of stairs at the side. It led to the beach which they had visited during Molly's first visit to QY Island.

"So, who is this Hanson?" Molly asked out of curiosity.

"A disciple of the God of Gamblers," replied Brian as he glanced at Molly, and he smiled when he saw the astonishment on Molly's face. He continued plainly, "He is said to have been adopted by the God of Gamblers from a crowd of be

t love you... even though I hate you, I never wish to see you give up your pride, especially for my sake."

Brian focused his gaze on Molly as if he was afraid that she would disappear in a wink. He stretched out his hand and tried to wipe off her tears, but Molly took a step backwards and moved away from his touch.

"Mol..." Brian called out her name softly. His mind was a mess. He had only wanted to protect her, but why did things turn out like this and why was she so sad again?

Was it totally wrong of him to be her shield?

He merely wanted to show his tenderness towards her and he would never behave this way to anybody except her.

"Bri," said Molly, sniffing her nose, "I beg you. Don't put yourself in danger for my sake anymore." She thought to herself, 'I'm afraid that your tenderness would become the cause for my sadness some day. I'm afraid of getting used to your protection. I'm afraid that once you abandoned me again one day, I wouldn't be able to live without you.'

She squatted down, hugged her knees and then burst out crying.

Some people who were passing by watched them curiously and thought them to be a quarreling couple. Some sympathized with Molly, while others laughed at her weakness.

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