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   Chapter 561 The Big Gamble (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6197

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The man was the embodiment of pride. How could she see him live under the shadow of others?

Firmly, she said, "I believe you!" Looking him in the eye, she demanded, "You will live up to that belief, won't you?"

At that moment, all thought of modesty fled from Molly. She was putting her faith in Brian. She did not want him to lose because she was terrified to see him fail. It wasn't her desire to see Brian humiliated.

But Brian only smiled and gently rubbed Molly's lips with callused fingers. He turned around as his sharp eyes bored into his opponent. Then with a voice so cold, he announced, "Let's begin!"

The people surrounding the table held their breath at the announcement. Several more from other tables were attracted as well and moved towards the area. Meanwhile, in the control room, a huge screen was focused on the table with the roulette wheel. Shane, who was gently swirling a glass of wine in one hand, never let his eyes stray from the monitor. Although Brian Long did set up the casino, he didn't necessarily possess special gambling skills. When he sat down to play, he usually won because of luck and a lot of observation. And mostly, his gambling was limited to chess or cards because these games could be learned. The roulette, however, required extremely sharp eyes and skills. At the same time, there were several unstable factors to consider.

As he thought about it, Shane frowned. "Isn't Mr. Brian Long playing too big this time?" Like many in the audience, he wondered why Brian made a big deal out of a midnight snack with Molly. Why would he sacrifice like this? He mumbled, "He's quite possessive." Then Shane shifted his focus on Hanson and his brows furrowed unintentionally. "Who is this man anyway? Mr. Brian Long just arrived, so how could he attract Mr. Long's attention," he murmured.

The atmosphere


Shane stored the video without even waiting for the final result, which was clear to everyone when they saw the ball in the 00 slot get knocked out of the roulette.

Downstairs, Hanson had on a wide smile but told Brian without emotion, "Your double-hit trick truly deserves its reputation." That said, he headed towards the door to leave. As he walked past Brian, Hanson glanced at Molly and said to her, "With such a man protecting you, no wonder thousands of women are jealous of you."

With a sinister smile, he departed with an air of arrogance much to everyone's surprise, as they wondered if he would fulfill his bet promise. But, he and Brian clearly understood that as a man of good faith, he knew what he was supposed to do if he lost the bet.

As Molly stared at Hanson's departing figure, her mind lingered on Hanson's last words before leaving. Slowly, she looked at Brian and was baffled trying to recall what Hanson told her. At a loss for words, she now felt confused unlike the earlier shock and nervousness.

Before the showdown, Brian asked if she believed him.

'Bri, I can believe you to take me through thorns, ' Molly thought.

'But can I believe the kindness you're showing me?' she wondered.

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