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   Chapter 560 The Big Gamble (Part Three)

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The proposition extremely annoyed Brian and his eyes suddenly appeared heavy, cold, and cruel, as if they didn't belong to human beings but devils from hell. But the man was oblivious to the fury in Brian's eyes and just flashed Molly a smile. It might not be obvious to most people, but the man very well knew that Brian had every intention of losing to him because he wanted to offer him something. Since Brian badly wanted to offer him a favor, if he did not accept such favor, wouldn't it be a waste of Brian's "good intention"?

'6, 27, 21… Hmmm... very interesting numbers. This woman must really be very important to Brian, ' he thought.

The tension between the two men was so palpable even as the rest of the room suddenly felt chilly like it was frozen. Never imagining herself as a prize for a wager, Molly was dumbfounded by what she heard. She could hardly control her feelings, and her expression shifted from embarrassment to anger to panic, while the hands on her legs started to tremble.

She tried to calm herself. There were obligatory rules in casinos. As one of the top casinos in the world, the Grand Night Casino strictly adhered to its rules. And having worked there before, Molly was aware that once Brian sat down to gamble, he was obliged to abide by his casino's rules. And rejecting the man's proposition would mean breaking one of his hands himself. Rolling her eyes, Molly tried not to show too much emotion in them. Subconsciously, though, she was no match for the strong resistance and fear that she felt knowing she was the prize of a wager.

Brian didn't have to look at Molly to understand what she was feeling right now. He squinted at the man, and just as he opened his eyes, slowly declared, "I cannot agree to this stake. So, according to the rules of the Grand Night Casino, I will break one of my hands!" The room fell into hushed silence.

"Wow!" Everyone gasped and looked

I guess I have to wait and see," Hanson answered. A sinister smile broke out as his face grew increasingly colder. "The rules are that both sides throw three steel balls at the same time and guess the numbers in advance. But unlike the usual play where one player must correctly guess the other player's chosen numbers, this time, both of us are required to pick all six numbers. The player that guesses the most correct numbers will win!"

Everyone in the crowded room looked at each other, shocked by Hanson's request.

If Brian was surprised, he didn't show it. He only lifted an eyebrow and nodded in agreement. The dealer proceeded to hand each player three steel balls, the regular silver balls for one party, and red balls for the other.

"Do you believe me?" Brian asked Molly. Seeing her eyes still red, he was also waiting for the answer from the woman he loved as if her answer would determine the fate of the next bet.

She was deeply touched by his gesture. Brian was once again asking her to believe him. The first two times, they were in grave danger. While there are no weapons involved this time, the circumstances were just as dreadful. It was so hard for Molly to imagine a person like Brian submitting to another man's bidding if ever he lost the bet.

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