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   Chapter 559 The Big Gamble (Part Two)

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His question unnerved Molly, who glared at him with a little anger before looking at something else. Affectionately, he whispered in her ear as he glanced at the man sitting near the edge of the wheel. He quipped, "Don't worry. The good play is coming soon."

A tingle spread over her neck as she felt Brian's hot breath. She frowned at the discomfort. At the same time, his words baffled her.

There was no more time to figure out his puzzling words as the next controlling player took his position. Molly was taken aback as Brian should have the mood to kiss her on her cheek at this moment. After the kiss, he tossed chips on numbers without even looking at the spinning wheel. When the wheel stopped spinning, and the balls fell on the numbered slots, he lost his bet. Spectators began to speculate about Brian and guessed he was a very rich man. He was either extremely wealthy that losing meant nothing, or he was losing it for the pretty girl beside him.

"Be serious if you're going to play!" Molly admonished him. She pushed Brian slightly out of embarrassment due to the earlier kiss in public. Realizing what she did, she felt a blush crept into her cheeks and cast him a furtive glance.

Molly's flustered look, like a girl just in love, made Brian smile and admit to himself that he found this expression quite attractive. Following her advice, he adjusted his position and sat up. Different from the intimate look he just gave Molly, he now wore an aloof expression as if to scare people away.

After a few more rounds, the last man took his turn as the controlling player. This player was in his twenties and sat nearest to the wheel. There was a slightly evil smile on his lips, which the crowd found difficult to ignore. He always looked down. On closer look, a scar on the right corner of his eye was visible. Otherwise, the flaw was hardly noticeable.

He had won four consecutive times before. If he won again in this round, then he could choose one person to bet one-for-o

Something was wrong, and Molly finally felt it. She looked at the numbers where the steel balls landed on the wheel and then turned to look at Brian. She suddenly realized that Brian knew which numbers were coming out, but she couldn't understand why he placed the wrong bet on purpose.

"This gentleman wins five times in a row. And according to the rules, he can choose one player to have a one-on-one bet with!" The dealer's voice rang out in the noisy room. His tone was professional, and he never wavered.

Raising an eyebrow, he focused his gaze on Brian and said, "I'm tired of playing with the usual players here. It's a rare opportunity to meet a new face."

All eyes turned to Brian, who smiled slightly, which was also a rare sight. Although the smile lit up his handsome face and made him look even more attractive, most of the casino patrons could not help but secretly shiver when suddenly, creepy feelings started spreading from the soles of their feet.

"As for the stake that we will compete for…" the man paused to think. "Don't you think that stakes for this game should be something more than just money? Why don't we wager for something more valuable?" Turning his gaze on Molly, he slowly proposed, "Let's take advantage of the moonlight and bet on whom the lady shall accompany for a midnight snack."

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