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   Chapter 557 Reaching QY Island (Part Two)

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"I am not sure..." she answered unhappily. "But I am his teacher. Why can't I?" she added.

"Teachers only do visits. They don't just move into their students' house." Richie's tone sounded stiff but casual. Hearing this, Shirley wasn't convinced at all.

"If that's the case, how come Antonio is living in the villa?" she asked in annoyance.

"He is there to protect our grandson," he replied, starting to get upset by her persistence. There was resignation in his tone.

Still not being able to give up her idea, Shirley asked again, "If we go there too, won't Mark be better protected?"

By this time, Richie finished correcting the last assignment. He turned to look at Shirley. In a tone of surrender, shaking his head, he said affectionately, "If you really want to go, we can go right away."

Putting her coffee mug down, Shirley retorted, "You know I am all talk."

A smile flitted across his eyes. He stood up and walked over to Shirley. "It's a fine day. How about a walk?"

Immediately, she nodded and walked out of the room with Richie, arm in arm. Shirley's thoughts went about their children as they strolled in the garden of the hotel. They had all settled down and found their loved ones. Yes, there were times when things weren't perfect, but as parents, all she and Richie wished for their kids was safety and happiness.

After a few steps, she started talking about how Mark was performing in the kindergarten. Looking at her, he was filled with contentment. They had been through so much. Now that they were together, enjoying each other's company in a happy, calm life, what else could he ask for?


The nights on QY Island were so beautiful and the living there seemed so comfortable. During evening, the streets were busy. Night market stalls suddenly popped out and spontaneous entertaining activities could also be seen. The beach was full of fun, especially after Grand Night Casino had opened nearby. In addition to this festive aura, an amusement park, covering an area of nearly a thousand hectares, was under construction next to the casino. This would definitely increase the happenings on the island.

During that time, the beach was crowded with frolicking people. In the moonlight, the white beach seemed to have become softer. Brian and Molly were taking a walk after dinner. She was wearing flip-flop sandals, which didn't seem to be much of a wise choice. Today, instead of wearing suits, Brian was wearing a plain T-shirt paired with casual pants. He was wearing flip-flop sandals too. But unlike Molly, walking on the beach wearing sandals didn't seem to bother him at all.

Molly watched him from behind, confused, trying to catch up with him. He turned around and said to her, "If you feel uncomfortable walking around with your sandals on, then take them off. The sand here is clean. The sun shone on it in daytime, so it will be comfortable to walk on it barefoot."

After saying this, Brian bent

her. Shouts of excitement and depression kept rising from there.

With an attendant's help, Brian and Molly passed through the crowd and sat at the table. At this moment, there were only two or three vacancies left. The other ten-odd seats had all been taken.

When Brian showed up and sat down, the crowd toned down at first. Then the on-lookers started whispering. Most of them sized Brian up curiously, wondering who he was. Some even told him that this table was not suitable for him to play at and that he would be better off watching.

Noticing how people looked at them, Molly started to feel uncomfortable. "Bri..." She looked at Brian, worried, although both the casino and the staff were his.

Sensing her fear, he squeezed her hand lightly and nodded at her. Somehow, she calmed down. Whenever she felt uneasy, one look, one movement, or even one cold remark from him would dispel the worries in her heart. She craved the sense of security he gave her, but at the same time, she was also afraid.

"Since there is a new player, I will announce the rules again," a thirty-odd-year-old man with a square face said, tapping the top of the table with a chip. "The payout is ten to one. The players become the banker by turns. The players can place bets on numbers. After winning five times consecutively, banker or not, the player can ask one person to play one on one with him. Of course, as to the payout and the bet..." At this point, the square-faced man looked at Brian meaningfully. Then he continued, "It is determined by the banker. My friend, this table is serious. The bet is at least one million. So if you're here just for fun, I suggest you go to other tables." Contempt was plain in his eyes.

Expressions on the faces of the people at the table differed from one another. The man nearest to the wheel, in his twenties, didn't look at Brian from beginning to end, not even once. Hearing the squared-face man's words, he just gave an evil smile.

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